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How to Leverage Experience-Driven Content Marketing in 2019

Krista Black

Experience-driven content is a hot trend in the marketing world right now, with überflip listing it as one of their 10 B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019. But what is experience-driven content and how can you make it part of your direct marketing strategy?

Experience-driven content strategies consider the environment in which the content appears, how the content is structured, and whether the content effectively engages prospects to act upon it—a phenomenon known as the “content experience.” überflip defines it like this: “Anywhere your content can be encountered, it can be experienced. And wherever and whenever that occurs, so too does a content experience.” This means that any content you develop creates an experience in the consumer’s mind that can influence their decision to act on that content—positively or negatively.

What Makes Experience-Driven Content Spur Action

At its core, experience-driven marketing engages the audience with interactive content to bring them further into the sales funnel. Whether it’s a quiz, video, interactive page, infographic, flipbook, or some other content piece that drives the consumer to do something, experience-driven content is an effective way to deliver the value prospects and current customers are looking for when searching for specific products and services. It also allows them to bond with your brand.

Here are three ways to take your content from static to experience-driven:

1. Keep it Simple

When trying to create a positive customer experience, the key is simplicity. Whether it’s your company website, social media page, or a direct mail piece, the content should be easy to understand and interpret. You want it to be interactive and engaging, not confusing.

2. Make it Personal

Personalization can add another dimension to experience-driven content and up the engagement factor. For example, when designing a direct mail piece for a specific target, adding the recipient’s name on the outer envelope (OE) of a mailpiece can increase the chances of that mail being opened.

3. Create a “Next Step”

The goal of experience-driven content is to engage your consumer and drive them to act in a specific way. Your messaging should include a call-to-action, asking them to visit a website or store, click on links, or encourage them to watch related videos. Whatever it is, your experience-driven marketing should always have a “next step” for the consumer to act on.

When considering how to leverage experience-driven content, remember that anywhere you have content, you also have a content experience. It’s our job as marketers to create the right experience for the right customers at the right time with the right message.

Looking for some assistance to create just the right experience for your customers or prospects? Contact me here.

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Krista Black


Krista Black

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