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A Busy Mom’s Advice for Marketing to Mothers of Teenagers

Michelle Peel

I was recently asked, “What are your plans for Mother’s Day?” and had to check my calendar. My oldest, the teenager, has a basketball tournament. The youngest, a pre-teen, has a softball tournament. The tournaments are an hour and a half away from each other. It is going to be another “pick your favorite daughter weekend.” Really, I love both of my daughters the same, but my husband and I will need to divide and conquer in order to make this work.

Tonight will be another night of chaos: “Is your uniform washed?” “Is your (softball/basketball) bag packed?” “Is your water bottle clean?” “Do you have snacks packed?” Not nagging, really.

What Can Make My Life (and All Moms’ Lives) Easier? Shopping at Our Fingertips

After basketball practice, my daughter told me that she got a hole in her kneepads and needed a new pair before the tournament. I went to the Amazon app on my phone, clicked on previous orders, and reordered. According to my USPS Informed Delivery email, I will have the knee pads today. Mom with the win!

My youngest daughter loves to check the mail every day. Last week, we received a Dick’s Sporting Goods mailer with coupons. The first thing she said to me when I walked in the door from work was, “We need to go shopping this week! I need new sunglasses for softball.” Sure enough, the arm of her sunglasses had broken off. I was able to go to the Dick’s Sporting Goods website on my phone, use the coupon from the mailer, and order the sunglasses (and a case so this doesn’t happen again this season) for in-store pick up. Not only did I score a deal, but made a great save as well!

Women Enjoy Receiving Promotional Mail

As my examples show, mothers—especially those of teenagers—are often pulled in many directions. Effectively marketing to mothers requires a consistent presence so you’re top of mind when they need you. Direct mail is a great channel to get their attention. According to the recent report, The Surprising Strength of Direct Mail Marketing from Infogroup, women are more receptive than men to direct mail. In fact, 27% of women want to hear about offers, discounts, promotions, or deals through promotional mail compared to 20% of men. And 42% of women would purchase a product they learned about through direct mail as opposed to 38% of men. Women enjoy receiving promotional mail, more than twice as much as receiving online ads. If you’re not marketing to mothers through direct mail, you’re missing a great opportunity to connect with an audience that wants to see you in their mailbox.

How to Market to Mothers of Teenagers

Dick’s Sporting Goods does a great job targeting and speaking to parents of teenagers. On the cover for their mailer, they had a girl playing softball. Not only did this image get my attention, but my pre-teen softball-playing daughter’s attention, as well. Also on the cover of the mailer was a $10 off a $50 purchase coupon. Inside their mailer was an ad for the “GAMECHANGER” app by Dick’s Sporting Goods, “The #1 app for baseball and softball communities.” I quickly downloaded it, which will help me keep score and stats for the game and season. I can’t wait to use it this weekend. Dick’s Sporting Goods goes the extra mile to make my life easier.

Not only does Dick’s Sporting Goods have a great presence in our mailbox but also on social media via Facebook and Instagram. What a great way to reach my teenage daughter, who is regularly on her phone. Their ad on Instagram features a teenage boy riding his mountain bike with the caption, “Follow your own path.”

Recommendations from a Mom

If you are a marketer wanting to get the attention of busy moms of teenagers, implement an omnichannel campaign to reach us many times across channels. At IWCO Direct, we can help you develop an omnichannel campaign to target and speak to parents of teenagers that will score big in response. Contact us today!

Oh, and I almost forgot–Happy Mother’s Day!

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Michelle Peel


Michelle Peel

As Sales Content and Research Manager, Michelle enhances the customer experience for our clients by keeping her finger on the pulse of key consumer trends, new vertical market developments, and competitor insights that impact their business. A graduate of Elizabethtown College with more than 20 years of direct marketing experience, she brings the “make it happen” attitude to IWCO Direct every day. She is a dedicated Pittsburgh Steelers fan who enjoys shopping, crafting, and spending time with her family.

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