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IWCO Direct 1to1℠ Simplifies Managing Content Across Channels

David Klempke, PMP

In today’s connected world, personalized, omnichannel marketing remains the ultimate goal for marketers of all industries. However, managing communications across channels, regions, and audience segments can be tricky at best and impossible at worst. That’s not even factoring in data implementation and personalization efforts. It’s no surprise that marketers are looking for an efficient and streamlined way to manage content across channels. Luckily for them, we’ve built one.

The IWCO Direct 1to1℠ solution, powered by Messagepoint, allows our customers to easily create the ultimate omnichannel experience by making a once-complex process simple and seamless.

Prior to the introduction of the IWCO Direct 1to1 solution, most marketers had to manage delivery through multiple channels with numerous templates, spreadsheets, and data pulls. The process was time-consuming and created inconsistencies across channels. Now, the IWCO Direct 1to1 solution offers a centralized location through which all communications and content can be managed and delivered. The solution enables creating one message that can then be cascaded down to the various delivery methods.

IWCO Direct 1to1 Maintains Consistent Messaging with a Unified Workflow

Consistent messaging is the key to executing omnichannel campaigns. This becomes a challenge when different organizational silos manage different channels and spreadsheets. Our dynamic content management solution gives customers the opportunity to drive omnichannel campaigns with a single workflow, rather than requiring a separate workflow for each media channel. This simplifies the overall management of a campaign and also reduces the risk of error.

Supporting multiple segments or channels can become time-consuming and unmanageable, especially as content changes are applied. Our solution allows marketers to create and manage any changes or version variations as a single, centralized campaign. All channels are connected through the omnichannel solution, which provides centralized control and gives visibility to any necessary updates. Once marketers have refined their messages and are ready to deliver, they can then select which delivery methods to utilize, including print, email, SMS (text), or web (display). The same message is then delivered across channels without needing to be recreated each time, creating a consistent and customer-focused experience.

On-Demand Proofing Ensures Accurate, Well-Formatted Messages

IWCO Direct 1to1 also allows customers to embed targeted messaging and share common content across print and pixel channels to increase overall efficiency during the content creation stage. Once marketers have created their messaging content, it is very important to execute a thorough proofing process.

Our solution provides expanded, on-demand proofing, which gives users the opportunity to quickly view changes through multiple applications. When delivering content to multiple channels, it’s important to ensure that customers are going to receive the intended message in the intended format. Our dynamic content management platform lets marketers view proofs through the recipient’s eyes to validate the output. Marketers can see final proofs represented for email, mobile, desktop, and web browsers. Our fast, on-demand proofing process ensures users are able to quickly identify any potential formatting issues for a variety of output devices and correct them before final delivery. It’s this type of meticulous campaign management and proofing that makes the IWCO Direct 1to1 solution invaluable to our clients.

The ability to deliver messaging through a variety of channels while maintaining an integrated marketing strategy is a vital part of our clients’ campaign requirements. This is why the IWCO Direct 1to1 solution is so important in its ability to provide crucial omnichannel solutions to ensure continued partnership and support to all of our clients.

To learn more about IWCO Direct 1to1 and our omnichannel capabilities, contact me here.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2019/05/08/dcm-managing-content-across-channels/
David Klempke, PMP


David Klempke, PMP

As Director, Project Management Office, Dave works with his team to help develop strategic business solutions for our clients to achieve results that exceed expectations. He has a BA and an MBA from Augsburg University, along with a Project Management Professional Certification from the Project Management Institute. Dave is a college instructor, avid kayaker, traveler, lifelong learner, and sports enthusiast with moderate expectations. (Minnesota will do that to you.)

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