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[Insert Relevant Headline]: Why Personalized Marketing is Essential for Loyalty

Cindy Shatto

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If you’re wondering why I started this article that way, it’s because we’re talking personalization, people! What if I was able to customize this blog by starting out with your name and specifically what’s interesting to you about personalization? I think I might have your attention. And that’s exactly the goal of personalized marketing.

While my example is highly simplified, marketing is getting to the point that consumers expect personalization will go beyond just a name or geolocation reference. It also needs to include relevant offers and imagery. People want to feel like you’re talking directly to them. Personalization is gaining traction in many areas—not just marketing—even though you might not have even noticed. For example, when you log in to your Netflix account and it says, “Welcome back, Cindy!” you (or, at least I) feel like they care. I don’t know why. I’m not a psychologist. I just like it.

Personalized Marketing is a Requirement, Not a Luxury

A recent ebook by überflip, “10 B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019,” says that more than half of consumers are “somewhat likely to switch brands” if a company they buy from doesn’t personalize communications to them. To me, as a marketer, this means we need to start really digging into relevant 1:1 marketing, to not only keep our current customers, but gain new ones (and then keep them loyal, too). It also means that anyone who’s not personalizing their marketing is effectively handing their customers to their competitors.

But can we get that personalized in direct mail? Yes! By using a combination of technology, data sources, and modeling to help us predict, and in some cases, know exactly what a person is interested in, we can create mailpieces that are targeted to a person and their unique interests. It’s a delicate balance: being relevant to gain traction without coming across as creepy.

At IWCO Direct, we not only have direct marketing strategy experts to strike that balance, we also have the digital printing and dynamic content management technology needed to make this type of 1:1, personalized marketing a reality via direct mail (and other direct marketing channels). Did you know we offer full-color personalization for outer envelopes and the letters inside them in a single-stream workflow? That means we can create a personalized mailpiece with relevant and timely content that is personalized to each recipient and how they have been engaging with your brand.

So, if you want your marketing to keep your customers coming back (plus gain and keep new ones), we can help you create highly personalized messaging to capture attention and drive results across multiple direct marketing channels. Give us a call, <name>!

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2019/04/19/personalized-marketing-loyalty-mail/
Cindy Shatto


Cindy Shatto

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