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The IWCO Direct Color Science Education Room

Our New Color Science Education Center Helps Us Keep Our Shamrocks the Right Shade of Green (Whichever Shade That Is)

Steve Malec

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I decided to find out the PANTONE equivalent of St. Paddy’s green. Boy, oh boy, I had no idea of the history behind St. Patrick’s Day and the color green. For example, I learned that blue was the original color for St. Patrick’s Day, but it switched to green sometime in the 19th century. My research shows the closest modern match to St. Patrick’s green is PANTONE 347. I also learned there are other greens associated with this day, including Shamrock green, Emerald green, and Kelly green, each with their own unique color qualities.

Green is also associated with spring and new beginnings, such as the beginning of a new era at IWCO Direct with the construction of our Color Science Education Center (CSEC) at our headquarters in Chanhassen, Minnesota. This milestone is certainly not as old as St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s no less important, since we are very fluent in PANTONE colors—especially green. Joking aside, the CSEC was built as a multi-faceted, centralized space to support our growing Color Technical Support team. Our new space will provide a dedicated work area for the team and will be closer in proximity to the equipment we support most regularly.

Centralized Color Control and Creative Capabilities

The CSEC gives us the ability to carry out all of our daily color science tasks in one area with the color technical equipment and controlled lighting readily available for all our color needs. The center was designed with a dual purpose. First, it serves as our offices where we can carry out our day-to-day tasks. Second, it provides an education center for internal and external customers, giving us a meeting area for small groups, where we can easily discuss color and color science in an informal, professional setting.

In addition, we’re excited about having our color management equipment centrally located. These tools include auto-scanning spectrophotometers that measure color charts to provide color data we use to create color profiles for our digital color output devices. We also have numerous handheld color spectrophotometers to measure individual colors, an Epson P7000 proofer for producing color-accurate contract proofs, and a Color Proof Station where we can analyze color proofs and press samples under ISO-corrected color lighting conditions.

Building the CSEC demonstrates that IWCO Direct continues to stay on the cutting edge of color science to ensure our customers’ confidence. It lets our clients know that we take their color branding seriously, and we’re willing to invest in the technology and resources they need to create customers—and that we need to maintain our leadership in direct marketing.

The CSEC will become a clearinghouse where we educate, collect, and distribute color information, and we’d love to show it off. If you’d like a tour or have questions about color (including all those shades of green), contact me here.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2019/03/15/color-science-education-center/
Steve Malec


Steve Malec

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