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Thanksgiving turkey hand drawing

The Ideal Thanksgiving is the One Where You Make Lasting Memories

Tom Hexamer

Many dread the start of the holiday season. It’s often a busy, stressful time that doesn’t feel like the tidings of comfort and joy that are supposed to come with the season. Personally, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, despite its timing as the onset of winter and hectic pace of the next six weeks begin.

My perception of the ideal Thanksgiving was created partly through classroom art projects in elementary school and our family celebrations when I was very young. The images play out like a Wonder Years episode in my head: learning about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving, tracing your hand on construction paper to create a crude image of a turkey, and fall colors everywhere—inside and outside the classroom. Maybe it’s the whole family coming over to our house, the smell of food cooking all day, a favorite uncle falling asleep on the couch, or the annual argument over whether the football game can stay on during dinner.

I love these memories. Each year I get to relive some of them, share stories about others, and if I’m lucky, maybe even add a few new memories to my Thanksgiving experience.

Thanksgiving has taught us that it’s good to pause, reflect, and be thankful. It’s good to look back on the hard work we completed this year—not out of pride or hubris, but for the simple satisfaction of a yearlong effort coming to an end, as we prepare for another. It’s also important to be thankful for those closest to us and those who have made an impact on our lives.

At IWCO Direct, we are reflecting on another positive and transformative year and looking forward to 2019. We are thankful for all of our employees, customers, and business partners who make up the IWCO Direct family.

We are hopeful that each of you is able to pause, reflect, and enjoy all you’ve earned for a job well done this year and can spend time with those who are closest to you—and when the inevitable football argument arises, go ahead and leave the game on. Just put it on mute.

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Tom Hexamer


Tom Hexamer

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