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IWCO Direct Summer 2018 Internships Recap – IWCO Direct

Becky Jurvis, Creative Services Intern, playing Plinko at a Charitable Giving event planned by the intern team.

Farewell, Summer 2018: What We Left Behind for Next Year’s Interns

Erin McGinnis

The following is the final entry in a three-part series from the Summer 2018 IWCO Direct interns. For part one, click here. For part two, click here

The IWCO Direct summer 2018 interns in Chanhassen met the first week of August for one of our last intern projects: a final presentation of our summer experience to an audience of fellow interns, supervisors, and mentors. This gave us the chance to reflect on our internship experience while developing our public speaking skills.

As the last weeks of the IWCO Direct summer 2018 internships come to an end, I decided you’ve probably heard enough about intern experience and insight. Instead, I’d like to transition to what our intern supervisors will miss most when we’re not there to bother them at the office, and what advice they have for us as we move forward.

Here’s some choice feedback we learned from our supervisors, which we want to pass on for future interns:

1. Continue to network as much as possible

Supervisor Diana Hvistendahl talked about how taking advantage of the opportunities at IWCO Direct is important, as is putting in the effort to connect with the people you meet and work with. You never know where the future will take you, so make sure to stay in touch with those you’ve worked with and remember the relationships you made in your early professional career. Many supervisors have stressed the importance of continuing to develop relationships and spreading your network as far as possible as we mature into the real world. Being able to communicate confidently with others and being able to make connections is invaluable in the job market today. They advised us to never stop growing our personal networks and to keep in touch with those we appreciate and miss.

2. The team members we’re leaving behind are now our peers

It’s true that supervisors and mentors are our leaders, but in seeing us to the end of our IWCO Direct internships, they want us to remember that we’ve obtained valuable skills and experience that should boost our confidence in the business world. After working in a professional environment with our team members, it’s important to remember we’re now part of a capable workforce. In their final presentations, each intern took the time to thank not only their supervisors and mentors, but all of those at IWCO Direct who took the time to help and provide guidance during their experiences.

3. They (might) actually miss having us around

We love to hear it—having interns around to do independent projects, lessen the daily workload, and look at things with fresh, new perspectives are just some of the reasons the supervisors admit they’ll be sad to see us go. At IWCO Direct, the relationship between an intern and their supervisor is grounded in guidance and professional advice, but it’s also the groundwork for a great friendship and learning opportunity for both. Having someone in the office to either give you direction, assemble presentation binders, or just bounce ideas off was empowering for both intern and supervisor.

In closing, we hope to have left behind a plethora of finished projects, good memories, and big shoes to fill. Over and out.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2018/08/17/summer-interns-farewell-part-3/
Erin McGinnis


Erin McGinnis

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