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Seeking a Summer of Experience—The 2018 IWCO Direct Interns

Erin McGinnis

The one thing a college-aged student dreads as spring comes to an end is not having an internship locked down for summer. As more and more students compete for real-world opportunities, it gets harder to know where to turn to get the right combination of relevant experience and proper mentorship. For me—stranded in Europe during a semester abroad—the idea of getting an internship or job back in the states felt like a distant possibility (literally).

IWCO Direct Interns Crave a Good Challenge

Luckily, 10 of us were able to land an IWCO Direct 2018 Summer Internship on the Chanhassen campus. I listened with excitement to the friendly HR voice over the phone until, “…and your supervisor will be Ashley Leone, our marketing intern in 2013—you sure have a lot to live up to!” Oh, great.

Just kidding. This is actually what interns want to hear from their employers. Having someone in charge who can relate to your internship experience and give you direction is important. Knowing that we are being measured and challenged by the legacy of past interns drives us to work harder. It also shows us the potential we have to make an impact at the company. The higher the expectations of our superiors, the more we hold ourselves accountable to learn from these opportunities.

Working in departments throughout the company, this year’s IWCO Direct interns come from diverse backgrounds with a variety of skills and knowledge. This summer, we have the chance to gather valuable experience from one of the industry’s most sophisticated direct marketing companies. Interns will learn about the Strategy, Creative, and Execution services that IWCO Direct provides for omnichannel marketing campaigns. Regardless of what department we’re in, we hope to make important contributions to the company and develop an appreciation for the way a large organization communicates and works together to create high-quality campaigns.

The 2018 IWCO Direct interns are:

  • Connor Holliday, Software Engineer
  • Becky Jurvis, Creative Services
  • Madie Lage, Technical Writer
  • Kal Lunde, IT-BI Analyst
  • Erin McGinnis, Marketing
  • Isaiah Morrell, IT User Support
  • Seth Palmer, IT Solution Design & Delivery
  • Austin Patton, Front-End Operations
  • Claire Schmitt, Business Services
  • Ryan Snyder, Maintenance Administration

Professional Development Meets Personal Guidance

One of the most valuable experiences IWCO Direct interns are offered is having a mentor throughout their employment. Every intern is provided with direction from supervisors and is also given a mentor for guidance and life advice. Mentors and supervisors at IWCO Direct are not afraid to challenge interns with significant, real-world responsibilities. They’re also there to offer advice in a supportive, friendly environment—even when they expect you to hit the ground running.

My introduction with my supervisor consisted of, “Hello! So excited to have you here! Sorry, but we need to get on a call, like, right now.” In the first five minutes of my internship I was thrown into real experience, introduced to and welcomed by an entire department, and notified of the existence of dreamsicle licorice. Could an internship get more valuable than that?

So this summer, let’s see if we can meet IWCO Direct’s expectations and our own. Stay tuned to see what we learn.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2018/06/08/2018-iwco-direct-interns/
Erin McGinnis


Erin McGinnis

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