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G7 Training at IWCO Direct

Why We’re Hosting Idealliance’s G7 Expert and Professional Training

Steve Malec

IWCO Direct’s commitment to producing high-quality print campaigns requires that we stay at the forefront of color management. After all, color is one of the first things consumers notice about mail, making it an incredibly important aspect of direct mail design. One way we’ve stayed ahead is by expanding our Idealliance® G7® Master Qualification, a printing industry standard of repeatable color quality, across all lithographic and digital inkjet technologies at all of our facilities.

Because our G7 Qualification has led us to stronger process controls and more consistent color reproduction across our print platform, we jumped at the chance to host an upcoming G7 Expert & Professional Training session on our Chanhassen campus from May 16–18. (In fact, when we approached Idealliance about hosting an event, we discovered they were planning to ask us anyway because of what they’d heard about our color management efforts.) Here’s what attendees can expect from the two-day training.

What is G7 Certification and Why Do Print Professionals Need It?

Idealliance’s tiered certification system, which is split between printing facilities and individuals, is designed to target certain skills and standards appropriate to each. Based on their proficiency level, individuals can be certified as either a G7 Expert or a G7 Professional (the IWCO Direct team currently includes two G7 Experts, one each at our Chanhassen and Hamburg print facilities, and we plan to add another Expert and a Professional as a result of this training). For more on the different levels of certification, visit the Idealliance website.

G7 Certification is sought after by organizations and individuals for good reason: it works. After implementing G7 processes and standards at IWCO Direct, we’ve been able to ensure a similar neutral shared appearance across multiple devices that make up our print platform. It’s been a tremendous boost to our productivity, color consistency, and repeatability; at the same time, it’s helped us reduce plate remakes, make-readies, and color issues. It also gives our clients confidence in knowing that color is consistent and controlled across all of our print technologies.

What You Can Expect from the G7 Certification Courses at IWCO Direct

The certification training will be led by Don Hutcheson, president of Hutch Color and inventor of the G7 process. Here’s a sample of the curriculum G7 Expert and Professional trainees can expect to study during the three-day training:

  • Linearization
  • Press Calibration and G7 Press Control
  • Verifying Press and Proof Accuracy
  • Manual Calibration
  • G7 Quality Control
  • Managing Expectations

We’re expecting a full house with more than 30 attendees. The crowd will be composed of professionals looking to advance their skills and strengthen their business portfolio in the print industry. Classroom training will be conducted in one building, while the actual G7 calibration for lithographic sheet-fed presses will be in another building, and continuous digital inkjet calibration will be performed in a third building—all on our Chanhassen campus. View the full schedule here.

One of the added benefits of G7 certification is that the training does not just cover G7, but touches on color management in general, as well as troubleshooting and fixing problems. All of this information makes G7 Experts and Professionals more reliable in preventing issues, unifying color standards, and becoming a more valuable resource to their organizations.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2018/05/02/g7-certification-training-iwco-direct/
Steve Malec


Steve Malec

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