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How We Promote Workplace Diversity with “The Platinum Rule”

Bev Lohs

IWCO Direct is proud of its diverse workforce, which includes a wide array of lifestyles, cultural backgrounds, and perspectives. With next Monday being Martin Luther King (MLK) Day, we wanted to honor the workplace diversity that makes our facilities and communities so strong.

Our commitment to workplace diversity makes a valuable impact on both our company and our clients. It not only helps us promote, attract, and retain a talented workforce, but it also brings unique perspectives, skills, and knowledge together to benefit IWCO Direct and strengthen our teams.

Multiple Languages, One Message

As we talk about what Dr. Martin Luther King taught, we can remember that we all share common expectations in the workplace: recognition, fair and equitable treatment, clear common goals, room for growth, collaboration, and a welcoming culture. One of the ways we ensure these are met is by providing education and training.

One aspect of our education and training is finding ways to better understand and communicate with employees of different backgrounds. We have a number of native languages spoken at IWCO Direct, including English, Hmong, Khmer, Lao, Nepali, Somali, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese. We try to respect our employees’ backgrounds and diversity by communicating with them in the language they are most comfortable speaking whenever possible.

We have been translating documents such as Operation’s training books, Production’s Standard Work, end of training quizzes, safety documents, and more into several different languages. Not only does this make trainees feel more at ease so they can retain more information, but it also ensures that our employees are able to receive more efficient training and are able ask any questions without having to search for words.

Learning—And Teaching—The Nuances of a Diverse Workplace

Another aspect of our education is to offer diversity training to employees. This helps employees understand what it means to be a person of a different ability, race, religion, or gender. Most people believe in “the Golden Rule:” treat others as you want to be treated. But respect doesn’t look the same for everyone. It may mean saying “hello” to someone in the morning, or it might mean leaving them alone; it could be making eye contact when you speak, or looking away in reverence of age. It all depends on the individual.

Perhaps instead of using the golden rule, we could use “the Platinum Rule” which states: “treat others as they want to be treated.” Our diversity training helps us understand how others want to be treated as well as how to close any culture gaps to prevent misunderstandings or acts of unintended disrespect.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s message of tolerance, peace, and respect still resonates with us today, and has inspired us at IWCO Direct to create the following goals:

  • Embrace workplace diversity and differences and be open-minded;
  • Reach out and discover the amazing commonalities of others;
  • Boost diverse work groups;
  • Celebrate cultural differences and traditions.

As we continue to work toward those goals, we’d like to thank all our partners, clients, vendors, and employees for their continued efforts in making IWCO Direct a safe, welcoming, and diverse place for all. Have a happy and safe MLK Day!

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2018/01/12/workplace-diversity-platinum-rule-mlk-day/
Bev Lohs


Bev Lohs

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