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Personalized Landing Pages for Direct Mail

How Personalized Landing Pages Create Greater Relevance and Response

Brent Doering

Today’s consumers avoid ad messages that are irrelevant to their needs or perceived as too intrusive. So much so that they actually have taken matters into their own hands by subscribing to pop-up blockers or investing in premium versions of Pandora or Spotify to reduce the amount of non-relevant ad messages.

Before the internet, we may have had an excuse for using a shotgun approach to advertising. It was one-size-fits-all as marketers blasted mass media and hoped to make an impact with the greatest percentage of the target audience as possible. We didn’t have nearly the number of tools we do today to help ensure a relevant message made its way to its intended target through the right channel at the right time (and measure its effectiveness after it did).

A few facts from Monetate help reinforce why personalized marketing is here to stay:

  • 64% of consumers believe it’s important that companies present them with relevant offers.
  • 85% know that websites track their online shopping behavior, but understand that tracking enables companies to present offers and content that aligns with their interests.
  • 75% prefer that retailers use personal information to improve the shopping experience.
  • Consumers, by and large, don’t mind that websites track their activity, and actually prefer personalization that guides their decision-making.

Personalized Landing Pages Drive Higher Conversion

Boil this down and what rises to the top is relevance. One tactic to help keep the message relevant to these welcoming consumers is landing pages and, even more powerfully, personalized landing pages.

Why personalize landing pages? Simple… one size does not fit all. Personalized landing pages create a user experience that just cannot be equaled by even the best audience profiles. You have the opportunity to create a data-driven, one-to-one experience that elicits an emotional connection based on the desire (need) for humans to be acknowledged, accepted, validated, affirmed, and respected.

You can personalize landing pages based on a myriad of factors from basic demographic data to much more precise information such as a niche interests, buying intent, and even behavioral patterns. According to Insightera, with personalized landing pages you’re able to attain four times more online traffic conversion then less targeted audience marketing. Who wouldn’t want four times the qualified leads and four times the conversion percentage you’re currently generating by directing traffic to your website?

A Better Choice

Most brands continue to send social media, search, and e-mail traffic to their homepage(s). This is on par with tossing leads out the window. Well done landing pages continue the personalized experience of your direct mail message instead of leading prospects to a company website that essentially erodes it by combining all visitors into a general one-size-fits-all pool. Why distract these visitors and potentially hinder them from converting when you have the ability to make the user experience so much more relevant?

Here are a number of convincing reasons why personalized landing pages are the better choice:

  • Drive lead generation: You’re able to capture leads at a much higher rate by sending them to targeted landing pages. Leads that you can then segment, cultivate, nurture, and close.
  • Deliver relevancy: Personalization creates higher relevancy, and in turn, this generates greater customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.
  • Eliminate distractions: Landing pages are much easier to deploy because the content complexity is significantly reduced. It’s a standalone page, with no navigation links or other distractions that would prevent visitors from converting—making the user experience more focused when compared to a company website.
  • Collect valuable information: Whenever a prospect completes a conversion form on the personalized landing page, your marketing team can use this information to better understand what types of visitors are converting, providing them a blueprint for future high-responding prospects.
  • Gather important information: Visitors provide their contact information in exchange for something of value (an offer, white paper, etc.); the landing page becomes the bridge to make this happen. Without your offers being behind the landing pages, they will not support your lead generation efforts.
  • Keep prospects engaged: It’s not only about generating new leads, but also tracking reconversions of leads you already possess. This grants you better insight into behaviors and activities which will help you identify which prospects are more engaged with your business. This will also help you capitalize on customer lifetime value.
  • Create a feeder mechanism for other channels: In today’s marketing world, content is king and personalized landing pages are a strong addition to the toolbox that can also be used through e-mail sends, social media sharing, and search.
  • Grow marketing effectiveness: Another data asset is created every time you develop a personalized landing page. You’re able to look at your marketing performance through another lens, providing powerful insight that helps you optimize and improve.

These eight reasons alone provide enough value to justify creating personalized landing pages. However, when you combine these with four times the conversion power…what are you waiting for? IWCO Direct works with numerous companies and brands in the creation and implementation of personalized landing pages. How can we help you?

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2017/12/15/personalized-landing-pages-direct-mail/
Brent Doering


Brent Doering

Account Director and graduate of Saint John’s University. Marketing veteran with more than 15 years of leadership experience. Recognized with an Asters Judge’s Choice Healthcare Marketing Award for his efforts to make a difference in people’s lives. Bringing the philosophy of “business is all about relationships,” he approaches each project with inspiration and enthusiasm that empowers his teammates to be their best. Proud dad, fisherman, hockey enthusiast (North Stars followed by the MN Wild), and tri-athlete.

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