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See for Yourself Why Mail-Gard’s New Advanced Recovery Center Has Our Clients Talking

Michael Henry

Our Advanced Recovery Center (ARC) is the next step in Mail-Gard’s evolution to provide clients with premier disaster recovery services from a dedicated partner—one who consistently demonstrates actual recovery experience and a consistent commitment to continuous improvement and growth. The ARC will allow us to better maximize our assets, increase efficiency of human and equipment resources, and provide even more robust disaster recovery services to our clients.

Recent events confirm that natural disasters are always a wake-up call for businesses, even if they already have a business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan in place. We have seen a huge increase in requests for DR information during this year’s hurricane season, and it’s unfortunate that some people need to learn the hard way that DR services are not a luxury, they’re a necessity. Businesses without a DR plan were either taking a huge calculated risk by not having a plan in place, or they got caught without a backup plan and are now trying to remedy that situation.

Reality Can Be a Harsh Reminder

Even for businesses that have a DR plan in place, the reality of a situation can very easily overwhelm internal recovery resources. One aspect that’s frequently underestimated is the human element. Natural disasters not only affect businesses—they can also impact employees’ homes and their ability to get to work. People in the danger zone have to deal with their business recovery as well as their personal recovery, and the burden can be enormous. That’s why relying on Mail-Gard makes good sense.

Within the ARC facility, we have the most experienced subject matter experts in the industry for handling an actual disaster event. Just this year, Mail-Gard’s clients who were in the path of a storm put us on alert and the burden immediately shifted to our experienced team, who was ready to step in as soon as needed.

Positive Response to the Advanced Recovery Center

Because customer satisfaction is paramount to Mail-Gard’s business, we’ve been speaking with our clients about the new ARC facility—and we’re proud to report that response has been very supportive. There was a natural concern about how our changes could impact their recovery solutions, and that concern was of primary importance to Mail-Gard, as well. We always take great care to minimize or eliminate any gaps in our recovery services during any upgrades, and that cautious planning alleviated many client concerns. Our clients are excited to know that we’re expanding and enhancing our capabilities which helps us stay in sync with their own advances in equipment and technology.

The new ARC contains more equipment under one roof than ever before, with more capacity and additional staff support. As our service offerings continue to grow, so does our ability to assist our clients with overflow production support as well as with disaster recovery. These changes will also improve the flow of communication and response time for exercises and any recovery situations that may occur. We have simplified and, in some cases, expedited logistics management for our clients.

Our ARC is the result of a lot of dedicated planning and hard work by our team, and it’s exciting to see the results of our efforts as well as to benefit from the increased efficiency, both on our behalf and for our loyal clients. Although we’re never finished traveling down the path of continuous improvement, the ARC is a big milestone for us and we’re happy to share the good news!

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2017/11/29/mail-gard-advanced-recovery-center-launch/
Michael Henry


Michael Henry

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