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The Account Managers at IWCO Direct

The Account Managers at IWCO Direct Keep Our Processes Flowing

Patrick Sondreal

To create and execute major campaigns successfully, it takes several departments and plenty of subject matter experts to get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible, and to its highest potential. Because we are a full-service direct marketing services provider, we manage marketing campaigns in one efficient, streamlined,  process that would normally require several companies to complete.

Why Client Success Depends on Account Managers

Think of it like the human body: for you to do something as simple as getting a drink of water, your arms, legs, lungs, heart, and brain all need to be performing their own duties and stay perfectly in sync in order to complete the task. It’s the same with our company—we have many different parts working together to complete one common goal. And while the body has the brain and neurons to keep it moving, it’s the Account Managers at IWCO Direct who keep our processes moving and communication flowing.

They are responsible for the successful high-level execution of campaigns by making sure artwork and data are correct, job instructions are complete, and that all our departments are on the same page. Because they are in charge of so many details, we typically assign two of our approximately 70 Account Managers to a client, depending on the scope of work. Sometimes, we’ll have as many as five assigned to a single client in order to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Regardless of the number of Account Managers assigned to a client, their dedication to their job, strong communication, eye for detail, foresight, and management skills help ensure a successful campaign and a strong customer experience.

Account Managers are part of our client-facing team, along with our Sales personnel and Account Executives. Therefore, they are responsible for communicating between IWCO Direct’s teams and the client. This can include adding last-minute changes, managing milestones and inventory, creating matrices, and making sure everyone is getting what they need—both on our side and the client’s.

Never Losing Sight of the Customer Experience

I’m always impressed by how the Account Managers at IWCO Direct go above and beyond in their dedication to our clients. They are all very service-centric and have strong project management skills. They are great team players who are passionate about what they do and are open to new ideas.

I always say that it’s easy to be a good partner when things are going well, but it’s how we react when things aren’t going as planned that matters. In that sense, our Account Managers are great representatives of our company. They are always working to keep our clients apprised of any potential issues and are true problem-solvers. They don’t point fingers; they just do what needs to be done in order for the work to reach our (and our clients’) standards.

A big pat on the back goes out to our amazing Account Management team and the services they provide. They are true ambassadors of our company and we thank them for their work ethic and the standards they set for all of us.

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Patrick Sondreal


Patrick Sondreal

Chief Production Officer. Graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Madison with an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Commissioned officer of the U.S. Navy who brings a commitment to teamwork and continuous improvement to IWCO Direct every day. Wisconsin Badger fan who loves being part of his kids’ activities.

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