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Irresistible Direct Mail Design

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Mail Irresistible

Mike Dietz

Designing mailpieces has moved way beyond picking an envelope and inserting a form or two. Today, it’s more critical than ever to have your mailpiece stand out—not only in the mailbox, but across all channels. That’s because our attention is split in so many directions at any point in time—including email, text, social media, web, billboards, and flyers, just to name a few. Your direct mail design not only needs to be eye-catching, but memorable, as well. Sure, the first step is to get noticed, but getting noticed doesn’t matter much if the offer isn’t helping you create new customers.

One way to spur action is to make the mailpiece more relevant to the consumer, so the offer will resonate more. Another is to have a direct mail design that is so unique it stands out in the consumer’s mind and sticks with them. And as technology continues to get easier to use, incorporating a response mechanism that allows the consumer to act on the offer immediately or learn more is another great option. But what’s even better is combining all three.

Recently, the U.S. Postal Service’s Irresistible Mail campaign has encouraged mailers to create pieces that provide a more dynamic, interactive experience. While the website provides a lot of great information on what’s new in the mail world, there are a few techniques I’d like to highlight.

1. Create Physical Mail that Stands Out

I’ve talked about using unique envelope shapes and die cuts in previous posts, and those are still very viable options for marketers wanting to make their mail stand out. But there are other physical elements that can make your mail pop, including using textures, varnishes, and finishes. These options might result in a higher cost per piece, but they also do a lot to get your mailpiece noticed.

2. Utilize Technology and Data

Personalizing your mail has many benefits, including creating a more targeted offer and gaining the attention of the consumer. Any data-driven messaging and variable data printing (VDP) you can include on your mailpiece will go a long way in endearing the consumer to your brand and getting them to act on your offer. Personalization also opens the door for more trackable data and better analytics in the future.

3. Combine Digital with Print

We know that mail can significantly boost response rates when added to web, email, and mobile for omni-channel marketing. However, linking different media channels together for a seamless experience can sometimes be confusing. Luckily for marketers, it’s easier than ever to take your recipient from mail to digital by using cutting-edge technologies like these:

  • Near Field Communication (NFC): These embedded wireless NFC microchips let the consumer connect to videos, websites, and more without them ever needing to download an app for a truly seamless omni-channel experience.
  • Quick Response (QR) Codes: When scanned by a smartphone, these codes can take the consumer to a website for additional information, show them added experiences like videos or games, and even bring products directly into their shopping carts.
  • Virtual Reality (VR): By using a headset, you can transport consumers into a 3D world filled with your content.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): Using a smartphone, consumers can view your mailpiece with added content, like purchasing links and product videos.

Getting noticed is only part of the battle. Marketers must make more of an effort to create campaigns that are personalized, unique, and seamlessly connected to additional content to make mail that goes beyond the mailbox.

All of these strategies and techniques are sure to get you noticed in the mailbox and captivate your audience well beyond just reading their mail. If you’d like to learn how you can take your direct mail design to the next level, contact me.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2017/08/16/irresistible-direct-mail-design-tips/
Mike Dietz


Mike Dietz

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