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Environmental Stewardship Efforts

Supporting Our Clients’ Environmental Stewardship Efforts

Karen Weil

IWCO Direct works with clients to produce and mail billions of direct mail packages annually. Because we are such a large producer of physical mail, we are especially conscious about doing everything we can to limit our environmental impact. Our clients feel the same, and many have asked us to support their environmental stewardship efforts by:

  1. Helping them make environmentally conscious material choices that contribute to reducing the overall environmental footprint of their marketing efforts.
  2. Providing education to dispel the myth that paper-based marketing “kills trees.”
  3. Helping them develop and implement sound environmental policy initiatives for marketing that align with their corporate environmental policy.

Material Choices Support Environmental Stewardship

As readers of SpeakingDIRECT know, IWCO Direct is committed to creating and maintaining a culture of conservation. Our commitment to this culture is demonstrated every day in our approach to using paper. Many clients have transitioned to Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)-certified paper for their office use in printers and copiers and count on IWCO Direct to help streamline the transition to FSC-certified paper for all components of their direct mail packages, including envelopes, forms, and inserts. Since all of IWCO Direct’s manufacturing facilities are FSC chain-of-custody certified, clients are assured their paper-based marketing uses only paper that comes from sustainable sources.

Direct mail packages often include a variety of features to increase response rates, and not all of them are paper-based. Personalized plastic cards have long been an effective tactic to drive positive response rates by improving the effectiveness of the call-to-action (CTA) device. IWCO Direct worked hard to find a solution to enhance the biodegradability of these plastic cards and manufacture them using a more sustainable practice.

Making it Easier than Ever to Recycle Direct Mail

The search for more environmentally friendly plastics began with a client asking IWCO Direct to develop plastic cards that could be recycled. IWCO Direct worked with our plastics supplier to develop new rPETG plastic cards which are made up of a minimum of 50% recycled material. In addition, the rPETG product can be labelled with the recycling symbol “1,” and can be recycled in home bins and at curbside locations.

Our cards can also incorporate EcoOne®, an organic additive to plastics products, developed by supply chain partners GOEX and Ecologic that is used in the manufacture of plastic cards. The additive enhances the biodegradation of plastic products in biologically active landfills, causing them to break down much faster than standard plastic products. With the use of these cards, clients are able to support sustainability efforts while enhancing their direct mail packages.

Environmental stewardship for direct mail goes beyond materials. With the expansion of our Marketing Services practice, IWCO Direct is helping clients employ best practices for list hygiene, data management, predictive modeling, and segmentation to dramatically reduce returned or undeliverable mail, waste less paper, consume less energy, and drive higher response rates—a win for the environment and for clients’ bottom lines.

When producing direct mail campaigns, IWCO Direct employs best-in-class sustainable business practices that reduce the amount of energy and water used in manufacturing while preventing the creation of air and/or water pollution by considering environmental impact as part of all equipment and technology investments. In addition, IWCO Direct’s logistics’ partner, King Solutions, is SmartWay® certified to use transportation practices that are environmentally sound, use less fuel, and generate less pollution.

For more information on how we can help you make your marketing efforts more earth friendly, contact me today.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2017/07/21/supporting-environmental-stewardship/
Karen Weil


Karen Weil

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