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Mail-Gard Print Outsourcing: We’re Here When Your In-House Operations Are Swamped

Michael Henry

Most people think of Mail-Gard in terms of disaster recovery support. It’s what we’re known for, and intuitively, people understand that during a flood, tornado, or major power outage, a backup partner is necessary to ensure important documents are still delivered to customers to keep your business running without interruption.

But bad weather and Acts of God aren’t always to blame for the times when a company’s in-house print and mail operations may be swamped. Seasonal volume swings or equipment upgrades can leave in-house operations overwhelmed, and they simply can’t keep up. That’s when Mail-Gard’s print outsourcing comes in, and it’s another area where we can be there for you in a time of need.

You May Not Think You’ll Need Print Outsourcing Support—Until You Do

The main difference between print outsourcing and disaster recovery support is the level of priority. Disaster recovery is our first priority, but luckily for our clients, disasters don’t occur on a regular basis. This allows us to offer overflow support for our clients, whether it’s a planned event or comes up without much notice.

There are many scenarios in which a company might need print outsourcing support. For instance, equipment upgrades can place a real strain on  production resources: either the remaining equipment is burdened with picking up the slack or the volumes totally outstrip their capacity. For these reasons alone, outsourcing production on a temporary basis should be a part of any equipment upgrade plan.

Security breach mailings are another event that can wreak havoc on a production schedule. The volume is usually extreme, and deadlines can be difficult to manage along with the day-to-day in-house print operations. Seasonal peaks are also a fact of life in many industries. One of the biggest culprits is the year end/year begin season, when an influx of annual documents like reports, statements, and tax forms can cause a huge burden on in-house print and mail operations. These documents all fall within the same general timeframe and their volumes are often higher than—and in addition to—day-to-day operations. Seasonal quarter-end and even month-end periods can affect certain industries, presenting a problem for a company’s print production capabilities. For companies that produce documents 24/7, even a short month like February (with fewer billing days) can create a burden or delay which can affect company revenue.

The More We Know About Your Printing Needs, The Quicker We Can Act

We offer print outsourcing to our clients as a value add to disaster recovery support plans. One of Mail-Gard’s many strengths is the flexibility provided by our diverse equipment offering, so there isn’t much we can’t do in terms of document production. Contracts are structured to cover your critical communications, and you are a partner in determining both the term and provisions of the agreement.

Once a contract is executed, a Mail-Gard Account Manager leads the onboarding process to gather specifications and to begin a regular regimen of testing applications. This ensures we’re ready when you need us and builds our familiarity with your business, which allows us to step in quickly and smoothly to provide overflow support when it’s needed.

But whether you need to protect your business from a natural disaster or volume spikes, it’s important to think of Mail-Gard before you need help, not only when disaster strikes. We all know that seasonal peaks are coming, so stay ahead of the game by contacting me or calling Mail-Gard first—to bring peace of mind for all situations.

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Michael Henry


Michael Henry

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