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How IWCO Direct 1to1 Dynamic Content Management Can Power your Marketing—Part 2

Dave Johannes

Last week we discussed how IWCO Direct 1to1, powered by Messagepoint, provides a platform to efficiently manage your marketing campaigns. The platform is driven by three simple principles: expand control, reduce dependency, and enhance reusability. This approach can yield meaningful savings through cost reduction.

IWCO Direct 1to1 Drives Multichannel Success

One of our customers in the healthcare industry experienced the following results for marketing programs across three lines of business that included 22 products with 55 letter versions after recently onboarding to the IWCO Direct 1to1 platform:

  • Reduced programming changes by 75%
  • Reduced pre-production days required per year by 156 (includes time for writing instructions, version creation, rule testing auditing and proofing)
  • Projected annualized cost reduction: $250,000

These results are only representative of the initial savings our client achieved in their direct mail channel.

The beauty of IWCO Direct 1to1 is that it is channel agnostic. Once the content is in the platform, it can be readily redeployed to other channels such as email, web, or SMS text. This flexibility is critical for multi-channel communications. Why is this important? One of the biggest challenges with multi-channel communications is ensuring that you can provide your customers a consistent experience in both look and feel across all channels. IWCO Direct 1to1 makes this easy because all content and rules are shared across the channels from a single library―without silos of content and rules that can create disruption or confusion.

When You Can Understand It, You Can Harness It

From a single platform, direct marketers can now leverage channel interaction to improve total campaign performance while easily ensuring continuity between channels. In addition, IWCO Direct 1to1 business rules and content can be managed by marketers or business users. These users can manage the life cycle of these elements without relying on programmers or IT for support. This is because the system is designed to leverage natural language business rules and is supported by intuitive user interfaces to make system navigation easily understood.

IWCO Direct offers users a variety of support levels. Clients can choose full service and only provide input, or they can participate in a self-service program and choose the level of direct interaction they wish to have in their unique engagement.

To learn more, contact your IWCO Direct representative and find out how IWCO Direct 1to1 can Power your Marketing™.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2017/02/15/iwco-direct-1to1-messaging-part-2/
Dave Johannes


Dave Johannes

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