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This Valentine’s Day, Our Heart Belongs to Business Process Management

Diana Hvistendahl, PMP

Valentine’s Day is special for everyone, not just those in love, but for everyone who has someone in their life that they appreciate and admire for any reason. Just like in elementary school, when you were encouraged to give all your classmates a valentine, we can use Valentine’s Day to appreciate our family members, friends, business partners, coworkers, and clients that impact our lives every day. We show them our appreciation for challenging us, teaching us, or making our lives better in any way.

I have a heightened appreciation for my colleagues this year, after learning and documenting their business processes to create our Business Process Management (BPM) solution at IWCO Direct. It’s obvious that we have a talented workforce with a wealth of direct mail and marketing know-how. Let this blog be my valentine to them, the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) of IWCO Direct, who make our platform the best in the business.

The Benefits of Business Process Management

Since love is in the air, here are just three of the many reasons why we love BPM at IWCO Direct:

  1. BPM is visual and interactive. The process flows are published online and team members can click any process shape to drill down for more detailed procedures and information. Visual and kinesthetic learners will learn more quickly this way as opposed to attending a training lecture.
  2. BPM represents our SMEs’ tribal knowledge. Instead of feeling the weight of all this knowledge on their shoulders and being a point person for every question, our SMEs can refer people to our online BPM resources for simple answers and instead focus on continuous improvement.
  3. BPM drives inclusiveness and involvement. It’s amazing how publishing source-of-truth information online brings people together. It allows our SMEs and team members to make decisions on what the “truth” should be, what language and terminology to use, and whose input is required in order to finalize a process or procedure. This collaborative effort has helped our teams form stronger relationships and a better understanding of and appreciation for the roles we each play in contributing to our clients’ success.

Clients love our BPM approach, as well. Our new employee onboarding and training process is faster while still being thorough, which means clients always receive the best service. We can also share our internal processes with them to answer any questions they may have about the IWCO Direct workflow.

Like most things, love also requires a lot of work. And because we love and are proud of our work at IWCO Direct, our organization has committed to expanding our BPM strategy into other areas of our business. For example, in 2017, we plan to focus BPM efforts on our Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing teams to ensure our buyers and purchasing agents can access their processes and procedures online.

As our BPM strategy expands, I find more reasons to appreciate and admire the SMEs around me. Happy Valentine’s Day to my teammates and our clients—you truly make IWCO Direct better every day!

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2017/02/14/valentines-day-why-we-love-business-process-management/
Diana Hvistendahl, PMP


Diana Hvistendahl, PMP

VP Strategic Planning. Holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Olaf College and a master’s from Metropolitan State University. Has been viewing challenges as opportunities for team-building at IWCO Direct for more than five years. When not improving processes and creating new tools to increase efficiency at IWCO Direct, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and visiting her husband’s distillery.

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