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How IWCO Direct 1to1 Dynamic Content Management Can Power your Marketing

Dave Johannes

While the use of dynamic content has the ability to make multichannel marketing campaigns exponentially more successful, it can also make the management and quality assurance process infinitely more complicated. With that in mind, we wanted to explain how IWCO Direct 1to1, our dynamic content management platform powered by Messagepoint, simplifies the process and can Power your Marketing™.

Digital print has taken off and our clients are beginning to leverage its capabilities. Early adopters were focused on combining their various preprinted shells into a single mailstream for postal optimization. However, as they became increasingly comfortable with the process, their focus began to shift to more segmented marketing messages. This approach has allowed our clients to vary their mail with a variety of images, content, and highly-variable messages to create more relevant offers for their customers.

Why is Dynamic Content Management Necessary?

The challenge of utilizing dynamic content is that it leads to many more letter versions and the need for an advanced, integrated toolkit to design, manage, build, and review the output prior to production. Today, close to 50% of our volume is printed digitally, all using highly-variable messaging, and 75% using some degree of dynamic content (images, logos, or other pre-built content).

A mailing which contains both dynamic content and highly-variable messaging requires advanced composition and dynamic content management techniques to ensure quality and accuracy of the output. Traditional composition tools rely on programmers to build templates and create complex scripting to generate print-ready output. Since a programmer defines the inputs and creates the rules that drive the output, extra attention is given to proofing and auditing output for accuracy. This usually involves a customer review prior to production. Depending on the number of potential iterations which must be approved, this can become both cumbersome and time-consuming.

The IWCO Direct 1to1 Difference

The IWCO Direct 1to1 dynamic content management platform overcomes these challenges by allowing our clients to use their data, content, and business rules to drive the output of their print-ready files. Furthermore, the platform creates efficiency and time savings for our clients because it allows them to tap into three key areas of benefit:

  1. Expanded control – of content, multi-channel crossover, 1to1 messaging including Multi-Variate Testing (MVT), regulatory compliance and quality control, and increased versioning without additional work effort.
  2. Reduced dependency – on spreadsheet matrices, programming hours, creative costs, creative churn and handoffs, content change, and proofing cycle time.
  3. Enhanced reusability– of content, layouts, and paragraph and font styles.

Our 1to1 solution consists of two primary and equally important elements: workflow and technology. Workflow provides the ability to analyze, build processes, and create a scalable foundation. The technology provides tools to automate expanded versioning and quality control while reducing human error. Together they increase speed of change management as well as speed to market.

Keep an eye on SpeakingDIRECT next week, when we’ll be sharing examples of how the power of IWCO Direct 1to1 is already helping clients.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2017/02/10/iwco-direct-1to1-dynamic-content-management-digital-printing/
Dave Johannes


Dave Johannes

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