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AdAge’s 2017 Marketing Fact Pack Reveals Who Spends, How Much, and What We Do When We’re Watching TV

Debora Haskel

My favorite editions of AdvertisingAge arrive in a poly bag bundled with a Marketing Fact Pack. My copy of the 2017 Fact Pack is already dog-eared and it’s only been in my possession for a couple of weeks. After ripping off the plastic, I immediately jumped to the ad spending forecast through 2019. Worldwide ad spending in 2016 received a 4.8% boost from the Olympics and the U.S. elections. Spending in 2017 is projected to grow, but will slow to 4.1%.

Procter & Gamble continues to hold the number one position on the lists of largest U.S. and world advertisers. If you follow breaking news from AdAge, you probably saw the headline on Monday that reads, “P&G Tells Digital to Clean Up, Lays Down New Rules for Agencies and Ad Tech to Get Paid.” The article provides great insight into new agency and media contract rigor that will be implemented in 2017, and it’s one story I recommend anyone involved in marketing keep their eye on.

One of the most interesting facts in this year’s Fact Pack reveals how Americans use leisure time: Watching TV leads all other activity categories by a significant margin across all age brackets. According to the research, the older we get, the more hours we spend watching TV. “Relaxing and thinking” also increases with age.

According to the Marketing Fact Pack, we do a lot of multitasking while watching TV. The survey shows that 23.1% of respondents visit websites on a mobile phone and 22.9% text on a mobile phone. I was surprised to see that 7.6% listen to the radio while watching TV; it’s not clear whether the TV is muted while the radio is on.

The Marketing Fact Pack also includes Census Bureau projections for 2016 U.S. population by race. The total population of the country was projected to be 324 million in July 2016. Hispanics account for more than 20% of the U.S. population for every age up to 42, according to the report. Of the total 324 million, 8.5 million identify their race as “two or more.”

The biggest number in the annual guide is the 2017 worldwide media and marketing spend forecast. It’s the first time we’ve ever seen “the big T”; the forecast for spend is expected to hit $1 trillion. The other big number that jumped out at me was the cost of a 30-second commercial for my beloved Big Bang Theory. Now that I know those commercials cost $289,136, I might start watching them, rather than keeping my finger on the fast-forward button.

The Marketing Fact Pack is a gold mine of interesting stats for those of us looking to create new and more loyal customers through direct marketing. If you need more facts to help fast-forward your 2017 marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Debora Haskel


Debora Haskel

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