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In Honor of MLK Day, We Celebrate the Value of Workplace Diversity

Bev Lohs

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which is Monday, is the perfect time to reflect on why creating workplace diversity is important to IWCO Direct. We’re inspired by Dr. King, who dreamt of a better tomorrow for the diverse communities that comprise American culture. He had the courage to stand against inequality during a very volatile time in a non-violent way, and his determination never ceased: After receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, he used the prize money to help fund the efforts of the Civil Rights Act. His words and actions opened minds to new ways of thinking about diversity across the world, including in the workplace, and they still affect our own business practices today.

At IWCO Direct, creating an internal culture of inclusion has been a defined goal and standard across our facilities. We’re proud of our commitment to workplace diversity and strive to understand others’ perspectives. We believe that having many different worldviews under one roof demonstrates the power of inclusion and contributes to a strong work environment.

Why Workplace Diversity is Important to IWCO Direct

Coexistence is the basis of IWCO Direct’s thriving, diverse workplace, and the benefits have become increasingly clear. Every individual on a team has their own way of thinking, operating, and making decisions. With so many different and diverse minds coming together to work toward a common goal, more solutions will surface.

People who solve problems together feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging. Increased job satisfaction and loyalty follow when their opinions are heard and their viewpoints are appreciated. Research and common knowledge both show that happier employees are more productive – meaning that promoting, attracting, and retaining a talented, diverse workforce is valuable for the company, clients, customers, and employees.

How We Embrace Diversity from the Ground Up – And How You Can, Too

IWCO Direct maintains workplace diversity through both daily effort and top-level strategy. Our practices are constantly evolving to evaluate and adapt to a growing team and the individual people within it. In general, we follow these basic tenets to develop a workplace that celebrates diversity:

  • Listen to employee needs based on their culture, values, and religion and provide accommodations where appropriate.
  • Provide coaching and training to managers and supervisors on diversity and inclusion.
  • Embrace diversity and differences – be open minded.
  • Reach out and discover the amazing commonalities of others.
  • Encourage diverse work groups to gain new ideas and creativity.

Dr. King’s fearless campaign for equality and tireless motion toward a better tomorrow still inspires millions today. Celebrate this MLK Day by learning more about nurturing diversity in your workplace. Reach out if you’d like to know more – I’d be happy to share our workplace diversity experiences.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2017/01/13/mlk-day-and-the-value-of-workplace-diversity/
Bev Lohs


Bev Lohs

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