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Disaster Recovery Testing – How to Protect Yourself from Things That Go Bump in the Night

Michael Henry

Whether you expect to witness a creepy clown in your neighborhood or have nightmares of Michael Myers chasing you, Halloween is a night to celebrate things that scare us and make the hair stand up on the backs of our necks. Disaster recovery testing reduces the number of things that can scare us – on Halloween and all through the year.

The Critical Role of Disaster Recovery Testing

For those of us responsible for anticipating the unexpected and keeping your business operations running no matter what, uncertainty over having an “accurate” disaster recovery plan in place and identifying critical applications really can haunt us. Like a character being followed in a slasher film, we’re always looking over our shoulder, stuck with a nagging suspicion that something critical may have been overlooked.

It’s easy to start wondering if we’ve tested your disaster recovery plan often enough to ensure you won’t expose your company to financial losses or fines in the event a disaster interrupts regular business operations and processes. Of course, the only way to be certain is to conduct regular disaster recovery testing. It also helps to have Mail-Gard’s team at the ready. We conduct more than 300 tests each year for our clients, providing detailed reports on what applications were tested and what gaps were found to provide follow-up on best practices and lessons learned so our customers are always prepared.

We’ve Got Your Back

As just one recent example, our team was glued to the Weather Channel and satellite feeds as Hurricane Matthew was becoming a reality. While the storm was beginning to develop over the Caribbean Sea, the Mail-Gard management team kept a close eye on the system. We watched the projected storm track and quickly realized that not only did Matthew have the potential to be significant, but by our calculations we had 34 customers from Florida to New Jersey in its potential path. As Matthew moved closer to impacting the U.S., we went on Alert Status and advised all staff to be ready in the event the storm came inland and traveled up the coast. We reviewed all customer volumes and applications and went over our standard operating procedures so we could seamlessly move forward and react if necessary.

Thankfully, none of our clients needed to make a disaster declaration, but from our regular disaster recovery tests, they knew we were prepared if they did. In Mail-Gard’s 20-year history, we have supported and recovered customers from hurricanes, super storms, floods and power outages. They know we’ve accounted for production equipment-related issues―a big pain point for customers who need to meet service level agreements if a disaster is declared. They are also assured Mail-Gard can onboard applications quickly and produce their critical communications for days, weeks or months if needed.

Mail-Gard is the only print-to-mail critical communications provider with staffing and facilities in Pennsylvania and Minnesota, dedicated to supporting our clients’ recovery needs. Our average employee tenure is 12.7 years, providing consistency to our clients for testing, processes and, most importantly, actual recovery.

We understand that clients must maintain compliance with industry and government regulations, uphold commitments to internal customers, shareholders or business stakeholders, and protect their brand. Through regular disaster recovery testing and sound planning, Mail-Gard provides the solution, so you can rest easier and not worry about things that go bump in the night!

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2016/10/28/importance-of-disaster-recovery-testing/
Michael Henry


Michael Henry

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