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Our Favorite Moments from the Ryder Cup

Jim Leone

Last week the world witnessed the US Team winning the Ryder Cup. For the Americans it was the first win in eight years and only the second in 14―needless to say, we had been in a drought. It was a great point of pride for me not only as an American golf enthusiast, but also as a citizen of Chaska, Minnesota, the town that hosted the 41st Ryder Cup event, and a member of Hazeltine National Golf Club. Years of planning and preparation came to fruition, and the stunning weather we had only made the event more spectacular.

Hazeltine National is located just a few minutes away from IWCO Direct’s corporate headquarters in Chanhassen. More than 4,000 volunteers contributed to the success of the 2016 Ryder Cup, many of them were neighbors, family and friends, while some came from as far away as Europe. It was a community event on a global scale, with even those who had never golfed before participating.

The Ryder Cup is unlike any other golf event in the world. The team play creates a much more competitive atmosphere, and the spectators are able to get much more involved than they would in a normal golf tournament. The quality of the course and the unbelievable mastery of the game by 24 of the best golfers in the world, made the matches particularly close and exciting. Roars of excitement from the pumped-up fans could literally be heard all around the course, which added to a super-charged, almost electric environment.  We were fortunate enough to be able to take some employees and friends of IWCO Direct out on the course to cheer along with the rest of the estimated 50,000 spectators that attended the event each day.

Here are some takeaways from IWCO Direct employees who were able to attend:


“It was a priceless day. It was well organized, and a great day that ended with a kiss from a British kissing bandit. Thank you for a day of wonderful memories.” – Tamara G.

“I’ve never been to a golf event before. My first impression was being just awed by the enormity of the event and the infrastructure of all the facilities and grounds. It’s something you don’t get a feel for by just watching on TV.” – Jerry J.


“I had a fantastic time at my first major golf tournament. I got a shot of most of the U.S. Team on the first tee. I think you can tell from the picture how much fun they were having! It was pretty neat to see so many of the world’s best golfers on one hole.” – Jeff H.

“What struck me the most about the event was the number of golf enthusiasts all in one place. The course was spectacular and the golfers were even better. The roars that you could hear from all over the golf course were incredible. This is something that I will never forget and probably will brag about for the rest of my life.” – Jeff J.

It’s great to hear that others valued the time on the course as much as I did.

This truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity for many. The Ryder Cup takes place every two years and rotates between a course in Europe and one on American soil. Do the math and you’ll find that there are only 25 Ryder Cups in America each century.

To say I was honored to be able to participate in one of golf’s greatest events is an incredible understatement. The fact that I was able to share this experience with colleagues and friends was really the icing on the cake.

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Jim Leone


Jim Leone

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