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Leveraging Dynamic Content Management to Grow Your Marketing Program

Aaron Rasset

Marketing programs are becoming more complex as marketers strive to tailor messaging to individual recipients. Complexity is also being driven by the need to find the right mix of channels to deliver that tailored message more effectively. We introduced our Dynamic Content Management (DCM) tool this year as a response to marketers’ need for an efficient tool to manage these sophisticated programs.

As I’ve written before, in direct mail the traditional approach to versioning is often referred to as variable content, which uses sections of text and/or images that change based on basic one-to-one matches or lookups from data values. These typically represent sizable market segments and eventually there are scalability issues and a version ceiling. (There is only so much marketing content that you want to manage in Excel spreadsheets anyway.) Achieving true 1:1 marketing requires dynamic content to customize the message to each recipient.

Here’s a quick refresher on the differences between variable and dynamic content. Dynamic content cannot be used effectively without a management tool that uses data, assets, variable rules and workflow to logically select images, messaging, and layout wireframes. Having all that functionality, as well as being readily available online, make our solution a great option for being the “single source of truth” for all your marketing content.

How Can DCM Grow Your Marketing Program?

DCM is a powerful solution for managing personalized, targeted multi-channel communications across channels, minimizing the need for complex composition development and IT resources. DCM’s strength lies not just in the technology that drives customer-specific content to a variety of message distribution channels, but also in its ability to streamline workflow, supporting quick, agile, efficient creation of marketing messages with the reporting and quality control functionality to ensure marketing accuracy.

Additional benefits of DCM for direct marketers include:

  • Distributed marketing organizations can collaborate to update, review and approve content within a single tool.
  • Logic and business rules are validated in “real-time” through the online proofing of layouts populated with final content.
  • Cycle time and labor are reduced by reusing and sharing content.
  • The creative design process is shifted to focus on dynamic design vs. content versions, significantly reducing costs.
  • Selective content changes are completed in hours vs. days.
  • Versioning within campaigns can be rapidly expanded.

Is DCM Right for You?

To determine whether a DCM approach has value for your marketing program, consider the following:

  • Do you have access to actionable demographic, geographic, psychographic or behavioral data to drive dynamic content and flexible messaging?
  • Is content frequently reused across layouts and marketing campaigns?
  • Does your marketing strategy require increasing levels of message personalization for your prospects and customers?
  • Do you need greater agility and efficiency for distribution cadence and channels?

Through detailed discovery, IWCO Direct can help you determine how our DCM tool can power your marketing program. We partner with you to identify your current needs as well as configure an environment that will produce your future marketing vision. This approach has allowed clients in different industries to realize the immediate benefits of making internal processes more efficient and reducing the workload on resources. In addition, DCM opens greater potential in evolving marketing programs through increased segmentation, improved response and enhanced return on marketing investment.

To learn more about how to put this tool to work for you and grow your marketing program, contact me or your IWCO Direct account team today.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2016/08/26/dynamic-content-management-to-grow-your-marketing/
Aaron Rasset


Aaron Rasset

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