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Not Your Father’s Direct Mail: Data, Analytics and Creative as Formidable as Anything Online

Jim Leone

As a father of five children, I cannot believe the technological advancements that have occurred in just the short 12 years between the birth of my oldest and my youngest. Cell phones replacing land lines (and smart phones replacing cell phones), the explosion of the information age and the internet, and electric automobiles (to name a few) have transformed how we live, work and interact with each other.

The improvements to our day-to-day lives have been enormous—each adding benefits to the ease, amount of time, and productivity of us all. Likewise, today’s personalized direct mail marketing is not your father’s direct mail. Innovations, driven by technology and process improvements have dramatically changed the sophistication and clarity of its effectiveness.

Just look in your mailbox. In the past, a mailer might need to simply personalize your name, recent purchases, or company affiliation to command your attention. Today, those would be mere starting points to effective direct mail marketing. Utilization of data to better understand and predict your buying habits or preferences, combined with sophisticated creatives and offers that compel you to open and read the mail, are what’s driving record returns on marketing investment (ROMI). Additionally, sophisticated digital printing and workflow tools allow mailers to streamline production capabilities to shorten cycle times and gain precise in-home deliveries, allowing precisely the right offer to reach precisely the right buyer at precisely the right time.

There are other examples of how technology has advanced marketing, including online, email and digital marketing. These channels have allowed marketers to more cost-effectively mass market to potential clients and tailor marketing messages to existing ones. In some ways they are great at tailoring specific attributes to known buyers, like in search engine marketing techniques, but have been known to be aggravating to consumers by populating their screens with information they don’t want to see. While successful in their own ways, and fabulous tools for augmenting a complete marketing strategy, they generally are not scalable, are difficult to measure results, and none of them can stand up to the overall effectiveness of personalized direct mail.

My own father taught me to always do things the “right way,” whether that meant mowing the grass in a certain pattern, baiting the hook a particular way, or prepping properly prior to layering any paint on the house. Since the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I am also a stickler for getting the details right. While push mowers and hand trimmers are a thing of the past, newer technology has made our lives easier and more productive. Direct mail has advanced in a similar fashion. If you’re not using today’s personalized direct mail as a prime component of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on the very best way to attract and retain clients.

Give the experts at IWCO Direct a call today—we’re not your father’s direct marketing company.

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Jim Leone


Jim Leone

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