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Risk Management and Business Continuity Take Center Stage at Recent Events

Christine Burke

Although April showers bring May flowers, for those of us at Mail-Gard, they also bring plenty of trips to the airport and living out of suitcases, as it’s also tradeshow season. We recently returned from the Risk Management Society (RIMS) Annual Conference in San Diego and the 2016 Continuity Insights Management Conference in Nashville and wanted to share what we learned. Although risk managers and business continuity professionals have different roles and responsibilities, they both want to ensure their companies will continue to operate should the unexpected occur.

Managing Risk in a Digital Age

This year’s RIMS conference, hosted in San Diego, was designed to help risk managers and senior executives find outlets and services for their risk management needs. As the name would imply, discussion at RIMS all starts with risk – recognizing it, measuring it, managing it – and determining what factors must be considered when formulating their recovery plans.

A new session category at RIMS 2016 dealt with the ever-increasing threat of cyber security issues. Data security is on everyone’s mind, and it’s certainly part of Mail-Gard’s compliance and security protocols. The cyber security sessions also highlighted a unique benefit of printed communications: the risk of compromise for a printed and mailed document is significantly lower than electronic communications. Partly because of its inherent security, customers still trust information they receive in the mail.

Risk managers help make and influence the key decisions at their company regarding continuity planning, and we had many insightful conversations with attendees at the show.

Exercise, Testing and Thorough Planning at Continuity Insights

The Continuity Insights Conference is another premier event with a laser focus on continuity and recovery planning. While RIMS caters to top-line risk managers, the CI Conference hosts professionals who are responsible for ensuring a recovery plan is activated successfully. They are looking for the latest in planning trends and solutions.

Some of the key sessions at this year’s Continuity Insights brought up exercise and testing techniques – key topics we often present to local continuity organizations. Testing is the key to ensuring your recovery plan will work when you need it. If your exercise is safe and easy, or if it’s too similar to exercises you’ve conducted in previous years, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Testing for a positive result should not be the goal – rather, customers need to test to uncover any hidden flaws or missing items from their recovery plans.

While the RIMS and Continuity Insights Conference events vary in audience and scope, our message to both is simple and straightforward: Critical communications recovery is an important piece of your business. Putting the right recovery plan in place is paramount to your business’s insurance and recovery plans.

To find out how Mail-Gard can help create a customized plan to mitigate risk and keep your business’s critical communications moving during the unexpected, please feel free to get in touch with me.

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Christine Burke


Christine Burke

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