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3 Technical Tricks to Empower Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Chris Van Houtte

I read and process email all day. Keeping my inbox manageable is a daily struggle. I read almost every email – quickly deleting emails I don’t need, filing emails I may need later and responding to emails that need my input. My inbox often dictates my schedule and stomps all over my carefully planned to-do list.

With consumers facing this flood of messages every day, it’s not surprising that email marketing campaigns don’t get the attractive response rate of direct mail campaigns. However, email is inexpensive, so its appeal to marketers remains. While everyone seems to be struggling to wrestle their inbox into a manageable state every day, how do you keep a potential customer’s finger off the delete key?

Employing the right technology can empower your email marketing campaigns – driving their delivery, timeliness, and appeal. If your marketing strategy already includes an email campaign or direct mail campaign, these three tips can help you use technology to create a lift in response:

  1. Pair email marketing campaigns with your direct mail campaigns – We use technology to help clients strategically schedule direct mail in-home dates so they complement email delivery dates. After receiving an email offer, a scheduled follow-up direct mail campaign is an effective way to remind prospects and customers of your service or product. The email may be buried in the customer’s inbox by now but when that mail piece arrives, the customer is reminded to find the email and take action – all conveniently online. For other clients, we pair direct mail and email campaigns to fulfill legal requirements – when an email can’t be delivered, our technology triggers a letter to be sent in its place.
  1. Ensure email deliverability – When it comes to ensuring emails are deliverable, we use technology to do two things: (1) test and verify our clients’ email address lists contain addresses that are valid and (2) ensure the email is not automatically filtered and sent directly to a SPAM folder.
  1. Use responsive design – We are nearing an age where the majority of email will be opened on a device such as a mobile phone or tablet. If your email is only designed for a computer, you’re going to frustrate a very large part of your audience. We work with our clients to implement responsive designs to ensure their email renders appropriately and looks great on any device or computer. In addition, our reporting capabilities now allow them to capture data about the type of devices used, where the potential customer is when they open the email, and even how long the email stays open. Based on this data, our clients are able to follow up with prospects and customers that seem interested in the product or service offering.

Using these three techniques allows us to offer our clients a unique cohesion between responsive and creative design and technical delivery. With all the noise in our busy inboxes, these technical considerations can be the difference between the delete key and a response.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2016/02/24/email-marketing-campaigns-tips/
Chris Van Houtte


Chris Van Houtte

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