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Celebrating 20 Years of Mail-Gard

Christine Burke

It’s hard to believe, but this year marks Mail-Gard’s 20th year in business. We started with just an idea, a printer and an inserter in 1996, when fears of Y2K caused companies to increasingly question what would happen to their business if print operations were suddenly halted. Since then our equipment offerings and technical capabilities have expanded considerably, along with our customer base. As we prepare to celebrate two decades in business, we wanted to look back on the evolution of our industry, our business and the bright future ahead.

The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Industry Grew Up Quickly

The disaster recovery industry started with the planning and preparation for getting a company’s operations fully functioning after a business disruption occurred. As businesses began to realize the benefits of being prepared, thoughts soon changed to developing plans that would ensure business continuation during a business disruption, even smaller disruptions that only affected a portion of a company.  Mail-Gard has witnessed a change over the years in the number of requests for assistance for what disaster recovery experts would consider “minor” events such as a production strike, inclement weather, equipment outage, etc.

Although we started from humble beginnings, the onboarding of Fortune 500 companies proved our business model was strong and we quickly added state and federal customers, along with businesses from across the United States. Two of our biggest challenges have been customer education and equipment capabilities.  While the recovery industry has been around for more than 25 years, you’d be amazed at the number of companies that consider recovery planning for their print and mail production an afterthought.  At first it took quite a bit of work to raise awareness about dedicated print and mail recovery solutions and why it is important to have a proactive plan in place.

Equipment capabilities were another key challenge to overcome. As the industry changed considerably, so did the complexities of our customer requirements. Serving a broad spectrum of industries required a lot of equipment, a lot of software and a lot of communication options. Data, print and insert technologies exploded and the variety of options multiplied. Mail-Gard has always prided itself on duplicating customer requirements and working with their needs as opposed to making customers fit into what is easy for us. Thankfully our technical ability to match customer requirements and equipment is what makes us stand apart from other providers.

Why Experience Matters

Longevity speaks to experience, and when looking for a critical communications recovery provider, experience is everything. Seasoned providers know the ins and outs of putting plans in place that will work when needed. With 20 years in customer testing and declaration support under our belt, we’ve developed the insight to guide recovery professionals in developing plans with the communications, print and insert details necessary to ensure a plan’s success. Our tenured employees are also often able to offer tips and suggestions for not only recovery planning, but how customers may produce better results in their own facilities.

Mail-Gard’s 20th anniversary is an excellent opportunity to remind businesses about the importance of critical communications recovery and business continuity plans. Our biggest celebrations will be at the events we attend throughout the year, like the Disaster Recovery Journal Spring World in March, where we’ll offer special prizes and small festivities.  We’re also developing some anniversary offerings as special incentives.

Stayed tuned for more stories on Mail-Gard’s rich history, exciting future and ways we can help your business be prepared for the unexpected.

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Christine Burke


Christine Burke

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