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Can Direct Mail Impact Your Pay Per Click or SEO Efforts?

Krista Black

We often talk about the benefits of direct mail in terms of increased sales. But another benefit we’ve only touched upon briefly is its ability to enhance pay per click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Stated simply, combining direct mail with PPC and SEO strategies maximizes your ability to capture a consumer’s attention. Before responding to a direct mail offer, many people go online to conduct additional research on a product or brand and its competitors. Sometimes they remember your URL or company name from the mailpiece they received; other times they will use more generic terms related to your product or service. That’s the key moment when PPC and SEO can make or break your campaign.

If someone goes online to find you, and all mentions of your product or website are buried deep within the search results, or even worse, your competitions’ websites pops up to the top of the list, you can miss out on the opportunity to capture that customer.

When developing a direct mail piece, it’s important to think about how the creative and copy will relate to efforts in other channels such as online or broadcast. It’s crucial to maintain a look and feel that’s consistent across all marketing channels so consumers can easily identify your brand. It’s also becoming more critical to include, and even highlight, key search terms within the letter copy to help consumers know how to search for your products and services. Using consistent terminology, and then ensuring you have purchased those keywords in PPC efforts – as well as optimizing your website with those terms – will help your brand rise to the top when consumers are searching and shopping online.

Collaboration is Key Between Direct Mail, Pay Per Click Advertising and SEO

Oftentimes, direct mail is just one part of a very complex and inter-dependent marketing eco-system. Here are a few ways collaborating with key stakeholders across your organization can help ensure success:

  • First, it can be helpful to coordinate with the digital media team responsible for maintaining paid search efforts to understand which keywords are most popular and which are driving traffic to the brand’s website. Those terms can then be considered for integration into direct mail campaigns.
  • Likewise, sharing direct mail creative with your digital media team early in the development process can give them insight into new words and phrases that may be relevant to bid on.
  • Ensuring that your website is search engine optimized with relevant terminology from the direct mail piece will increase the odds that you’ll appear higher in search results when consumers go online for more information.
  • When possible, it’s helpful to display specific – or even personalized – landing pages in direct mail pieces rather than your website’s homepage to ensure that consumers are finding relevant information quickly. If they can’t find what they need within the first few seconds, they’re more likely to bounce back out to a search engine and find the information elsewhere.

And of course, collaboration is an ongoing process. With each new direct mail campaign or web redesign, open dialogue between internal departments will help ensure search efforts are aligned and driving strong results across the organization.

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Krista Black


Krista Black

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