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Partnership with Videk Helps Assure Consistent, High-Quality Production

Dave Johannes

We’ve mentioned before that digital inkjet is the future of direct mail. In fact, in one of my recent posts I discussed the Inkjet Summit and highlighted some of the trends in digital print, including the importance of workflow and the emergence of new technology that supports complex digital platforms. But, as I said in that post, purchasing a digital device is the easy part; the tough part is effectively getting past the learning curve in order to be successful.

Part of that learning curve is finding a way to produce accurate output without slowing down the fast speeds that our digital platforms deliver. As digital output has grown, so has the need to automate the quality control process. To meet this challenge, IWCO Direct partnered with Videk, Inc. to develop the parameters and approach needed to create an integrated, end-to-end print vision solution to verify color and other elements on each mailpiece.

The result is DocuVision Prime, an automated print quality monitoring system that inspects mailpieces on the fly using cameras that can be installed inside the Océ ColorStream 3900, minimizing the footprint of the devices. The system validates each mailpiece as it is printed to ensure it meets the specified parameters and alerts the operator of any errors.

This system is positively affecting efficiency and throughput by improving five important areas of digital printing that, in the past, have been known to be less reliable than conventional printing. These include:

  • color registration;
  • jet outs;
  • brand color monitoring;
  • head alignment;
  • visual monitoring.

The Videk DocuVision Prime looks at these features to ensure a high quality standard is met on every printed piece. But it can also perform various data-based operations such as confirming front-to-back matching, MICR line registration and validating the total number of checks in a job, including their value. In other words, DocuVision Prime is able to monitor the quality of the printed image as well as its content.

It’s estimated that this new technology will improve the overall performance of these digital devices by 12-15%. With these new technologies, we are able to assure our customers that we are delivering a consistent, high-quality product throughout runs and across devices.

To learn more about the DocuVision Prime systems, be sure to view the white paper found on the Videk website. We’re excited about the future of digital printing, and with quality assurance technology like DocuVision Prime, our customers can be too.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2015/08/07/videk-partnership-for-automated-print-quality-monitoring/
Dave Johannes


Dave Johannes

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