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Automated Marketing Programs Optimize Message Delivery

Chris Van Houtte

Automated marketing is curing headaches for marketers and consumers alike. Let me give you an example with a common scenario: Have you ever sent an important text message only to be left wondering if the message was received? Instead of just hoping for a response, you might send an email, too. If you are really feeling daring, you may go the old-fashioned route and try a phone call… which immediately goes to voicemail! Finally, social media comes through and your spouse confirms the TV was not left on and the dog does indeed have enough water.

While these may not seem terribly important, the run-around is still frustrating, and—let’s face it—a bit exhausting. As technology advances, the number of channels for communications rises. It’s becoming more and more necessary to streamline communications. Thankfully, new technologies are automating the process so you only have to craft the message and the monotony of sending, creating and delivering the same message begins to disappear.

Multi-Channel Marketing is a Must

Sending a message, whether it’s about the TV being on at home or the TV you want a prospect to buy, can be like shooting blind. There may not be one best way to reach your prospects and customers, or you might not know their channel preferences. As advertising continues to evolve, promoting a message through multiple channels increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Studies show that using multiple channels can be the best way of reaching prospects and customers.

That’s why, in addition to automated marketing campaigns on paper, IWCO Direct offers multi-channel capabilities:

  • Email—Repurpose direct mail content for email or change the template for multiple tests
  • Text Messaging—Send a text message to remind your customer of an appointment
  • Personalized URL (pURL) creation—Design a customized web landing page for recipients of your direct mail and email marketing campaigns

Automated Marketing Makes Multi-Channel Marketing Easier

Using an automated marketing program, like IWCO Direct’s AMP platform, supports data-driven, multi-channel marketing campaigns with a regular cadence. This allows your messaging to be set up to be delivered daily, weekly and/or monthly. This automated process is perfect when your program has complex business rules, variable content and a broad range of reporting needs.

Benefits of an automated marketing program include:

  • Reduced cost
  • Process standardization and workflow simplification
  • Cycle time reduction and acceleration
  • Response and flexibility to change
  • Elimination of errors by moving change management outside the production cycle
  • Reduced defects

Engaging customers on multiple fronts increases response rates and the chance of using the most effective method to reach that customer. Automating these processes optimizes results while taking up less of your time. That all seems a lot simpler than making a call, sending a text, drafting an email and flooding social media until you get a response, doesn’t it?

Sound interesting? Let your account team show you how an AMP platform can simplify managing your marketing program and optimize the chances of your message being received to generate a response.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2015/06/09/automated-marketing-programs/
Chris Van Houtte


Chris Van Houtte

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