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Leveraging Print and Digital in a ‘Tale of Two Technologies’

Chris Van Houtte

It’s no secret that bridging the gap between print and digital media has been a hot topic in the direct marketing industry for some time. In fact, we’ve written about this topic at length—and even Google’s Anthony Phalen reminded marketers to stop putting print and digital in separate silos.

We recently had the opportunity to talk about this challenge – and how IWCO Direct is leading the way to combine print and digital – by contributing an article to CIOReview entitled, “Print and Digital Unite in a Tale of Two Technologies.” Because it is such an important topic, we wanted to summarize the main points (and share a few additional thoughts) with our readers.

Overcoming the Physical Limitations of Print Hardware

When first introduced, many said offset printing would never replace letterpress because the quality was not good enough. The same argument has been made for digital printing time and time again. Some doubt its color quality. Others doubt its output speed and cost relative to the volumes possible using traditional methods. We have developed a strategic partnership with Canon Solutions America to identify new paper and ink sets that produce brilliant colors from printers that can swiftly ingest blank rolls of paper and create dynamic messaging unique to each letter.

Automating and Standardizing the Marketing Throughput with Tech Savvy

Marketing teams create engaging content in a wide variety of formats. This leads to a myriad of input formats that must be sorted, validated and processed. We solve this digital challenge in two ways, first by educating our clients on best practices for creating content formatted for optimal digital print quality, then by allowing messages to be selected and compiled based on consumer data. The result is an automation workflow that uses big data to process direct mail content through cloud computing, which enables our clients to print an array of custom messaging to specific populations in enormous volumes. Call it the best of both worlds.

Creating A Scalable Workflow & Client-Centric Service Model

Automated workflows remove human error by streamlining the management of dynamic messaging as marketing programs grow while eliminating quality issues and regulatory compliance failures. We work closely with our clients to continually optimize process and throughput for a lean, efficient direct marketing campaign while building a stronger business relationship.

For more on the benefits of leveraging print and digital to create true 1-to-1 offers, read the full CIOReview article here.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2015/03/27/uniting-print-and-digital/
Chris Van Houtte


Chris Van Houtte

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