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Digital and Direct Mail Marketing Have Much in Common

Tom Hexamer

I recently had a chance to review the 2015 Digital Trends Briefing, produced by Econsultancy in partnership with Adobe. The report is based on a global survey of more than 6,000 marketers and internet professionals in late 2014 and highlights the key digital trends, challenges and opportunities marketers are facing in 2015. What struck me most was how much digital and direct mail marketers have in common. Maybe it’s because we’re all really just marketers, no matter which channels we choose to communicate with customers and prospects.

The Digital Trends study identified Customer Experience (CX) as the single most exciting opportunity in 2015, compared to 2014. More than three quarters (78%) of survey respondents said their companies are attempting to differentiate through CX. The study notes that creating an excellent customer experience is a highly complex process because it is the result of “every part of the company working together” to deploy various media in “a harmonious fashion.”

Almost 60% of respondents agree that cross-channel marketing will be a key focus for them in 2015. It isn’t just about combining digital media, but, as I recently observed, it’s also about having an integrated approach that blends print with digital communications.

When asked where their organizations were placing the highest emphasis as they strove to improve the customer experience, respondents cited making their interactions with customers as personalized, relevant and valuable as possible. The report describes using personalization consistently “across the whole customer journey rather than in a particular marketing silo” as a key trend in 2015, with nearly 40% of respondents saying omnichannel personalization will become a reality this year. The report goes on to observe that joining data across channels is “a prerequisite of effective personalization and key in supporting this omnichannel vision.”

When asked about their most important marketing strategy over the next few years, respondents called out having a clear understanding of customer journeys across channels, consistency of message across channels, as well as combining both offline and online data to optimize all customer interactions. With targeting and personalization emerging as top priorities in marketing communications, remember that direct mail has the ability to be a seamless part of your omnichannel strategy. Digital print technology allows you to speak with your customers and prospects on a nearly one-to-one basis, and IWCO Direct has one of the largest digital print platforms in the industry. And don’t forget the ability of direct mail to grab your customers’ and prospects’ attention and lead them to interactive digital experiences using tools like QR codes, PURLs and Augmented Reality (AR).

Make sure direct mail is an important part of your next omnichannel marketing campaign. At IWCO Direct we help our clients leverage digital and social strategies in conjunction with direct mail to optimize results. We encourage clients to think more broadly about the customer experience, how you can successfully use direct mail with complementary channels, and how our Proprietary Intelligence model can help you implement those strategies.

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Tom Hexamer


Tom Hexamer

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