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Why We Focus on Security Requirements

Chris Van Houtte

One of the great things about IWCO Direct is the business environment we offer our team. Prospects and customers tell us they sense our positive environment when they walk through the front door and as they tour our facilities. We like our employees to be comfortable at work and to communicate openly to facilitate collaboration across departments. This makes us stronger as a whole.

One of the areas in which we can come across as strict, however, is security. If that’s the impression we’re giving ourselves and our customers, that’s a very good thing. To some, security requirements can sometimes feel like a hindrance when we just want to get our work done. However, we impress upon our people that these security practices are an essential part of our relationship with our customers. Many of the companies we do business with are in highly regulated industries in which they are constantly asked to verify the efficiency of their security practices.

As a third party vendor to our customers, the security demands placed upon them also extend to us. In order for us to foster strong relationships with our customers, we strive to continuously demonstrate to them that we take security just as seriously as they do. Everyone who works for IWCO Direct is held to these high standards because commitment to our security practices is part of our core competencies.

We feel that a key component of any strong security practice is to offer continuing education to employees. This can include topics such as safeguarding information on the go, the importance of knowing how to securely communicate online, understanding how to classify information and ensuring that all employees know who to contact if they spot an issue. Working with clients to identify issues of particular concern to them, such as regulatory and compliance concerns, is essential. That’s why several times a year we join with our clients to offer targeted training to the people and departments who work most closely with their data.

Security education is not just a “nice to do” thing at IWCO Direct. It’s a key reason we’ve earned the trust of clients by maintaining the most stringent security requirements in the industry. “Business casual” is the way we dress, not the way we manage personal information.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2014/08/01/focus-on-security-requirements/
Chris Van Houtte


Chris Van Houtte

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