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How Our Creative Services Differentiates Us

Mike Dietz

At IWCO Direct, we know it’s not about creating the flashiest direct mail package; it’s about creating a package that works. We also know that in order for a direct mail package to work, it has to be both measurable and scalable. While we are often praised for our innovation and creativity, clients tell us it’s how we apply our knowledge and experience to optimize their packages that takes our creative services to the next level. Understanding the process of direct mail and knowing what our clients need to achieve are just two of the reasons the packages we design have been so effective in the mailbox.

Our success comes from our direct mail philosophy that includes creative innovation, production utilization and vertical industry knowledge. One of our strengths is being able to transform this philosophy into a tangible product. Often, this involves the ability to look at our customers’ current control packages and enhance what works by applying our direct mail experience. We’ll make format tweaks, copy changes, and other modifications based on the expertise of our staff, analysis of results, and the continued research we do.

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Information

We find that our most successful projects—those that have the greatest Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) for our customers—are the ones where information is shared easily. Everything from successful campaigns to the ones that failed, to past performances of packages, offer details, and marketing environment, help us discern how to most effectively help our clients market their products and services. In terms of information, there is no such thing as oversharing. When everything is on the table, we are better able to adhere to brand standards and other customer guidelines, offer positioning, and leverage production, logistics, and knowledge to our best advantage.

Any statistics, results, data or information, combined with  our own research on vertical markets and competitor mailings, help to create a better understanding on how to target the mailing. The subsequent adjustments we make to current packages help raise ROMI by getting more mailpieces opened and messages heard, but that’s not the only way our creative services help customers with their end results.

Blending Creative Concepts with Principles of Production

We are always thinking long term and keeping the entire process in mind when developing packages. Because we are considering all facets of mail design and production, we are able to leverage our equipment and technology to create and enhance existing programs. This also ensures the program runs as efficiently as possible from both a cost and through-put perspective.

The end result of all these efforts is a new challenger package that has proven direct mail response rates and has been manufactured and distributed in the most efficient way possible. This creates increased visibility in the mailbox, increased response, and enhanced ROMI for our customers.

If you have any questions about our creative process or developing direct mail packages, please feel free to get in touch with me.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2014/04/30/direct-mail-creative-services/
Mike Dietz


Mike Dietz

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