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Education and Engagement Lead to a Stronger Customer Experience

Pat Deck

We’ve recently shared updates on some of the key ways we’re transforming the customer experience model at IWCO Direct. From streamlining our workflow processes to refining how we approach customer integration and onboarding, we’re committed to delivering a world-class customer experience.

We also know that customer education and engagement play a crucial role in achieving this goal. That’s why we recently added a new Digital Module for our Education Center and have stepped up our Customer Spotlight events.

Education Center Curriculum Evolves

Our Education Center has become an extremely popular resource for our customers. Since 1999, we have provided more than 500 individuals from more than 50 client companies hands-on training to better understand how creative concepts, customer data, postal regulations and production processes must integrate to achieve a successful and cost-effective campaign. Digital inkjet technology has shaken up direct mail strategy and production in profound ways. As the digital transformation continues to evolve, so has our curriculum. Based on feedback from our customers, our new Digital Module includes content on workflow changes needed to support digital, managing digital assets, and using dynamic content to drive more personalized messaging. All of this is based around helping our customers use digital inkjet technology to deliver the right offer to the right person at the right time.

Flipping the Switch on Customer Spotlight Sessions

We have also increased the frequency of our Customer Spotlight events. These are designed to foster greater engagement between our customers and employees. By having our customers speak directly to our employees about their direct mail strategy and philosophies, along with their own internal challenges and pressures, our staff gains a better perspective on how we contribute to our customers’ success. By the same token, the Customer Spotlight gives our customers a greater appreciation for the amount of work that happens behind-the-scenes to make their campaigns run smoothly. Having this level of interaction between our customers and employees has proven invaluable, with everyone gaining a deeper understanding of each other’s business, opportunities, and challenges.

By fine-tuning our Education Center and Customer Spotlight programs we are continuing to reshape and enhance the customer experience at IWCO Direct. Stay tuned as we continue to share insight into this exciting transformation.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2014/04/23/education-engagement-customer-experience/
Pat Deck


Pat Deck

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