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Disaster Recovery In the Spotlight at Recent Mail-Gard® Conferences

Jerry Montella

Pictured Above (Left to Right): Christine Burke, Dave Pomeroy, Paul DePaoli, Tim Palmer, Joe Morrison (in their “Dr. Disaster” lab coats – used during the Mock Disaster)

Members of the Mail-Gard team recently spent time in Orlando attending Xploration 14 and the DRJ Spring World conference, where we exhibited and hosted the Mock Disaster Recovery exercise. Despite the weather being cool and cloudy, particularly for Florida, it was a nice reprieve from the harsh winter we’ve endured in Minnesota and Pennsylvania. The sun on our face was almost as welcomed as the growing interest and appreciation for disaster recovery planning found at both shows. We wanted to briefly recap these events for those who couldn’t attend.

Xploration 14

This was Mail-Gard’s first time attending this event since 2003. Although it’s not as large as it used to be, the quality of attendees and content of the presentations and workshops was strong.  One of the more notable tracks was Regulations, Compliance and Disaster Recovery Planning. We attended an interesting Disaster Recovery Case Study presentation, which outlined the process an organization used when choosing a print-to-mail recovery vendor. The funny part is, Mail-Gard was part of this particular RFP   It was interesting to learn more about the RFP process from the customer perspective and gain a better understanding of the role price, capability and service excellence plays in the decision process.

Xploration is a renewed forum for us, one we plan on attending again next year. It specializes in document composition and management  – and our team felt it was a great venue to learn about emerging trends and services in the critical document arena.  It also provided an opportunity to network with many customers and prospects, and the mix of suppliers and service vendors was a plus as well. We had numerous requests for reseller information.

DRJ Spring World

This event specializes in business continuity and disaster recovery. It continues to be one of the best educational events for business recovery professionals. Mail-Gard hosted the annual Mock Disaster exercise and used the events surrounding Superstorm Sandy as the real-life scenario for the drill. We separated the approximately 90 participants into three teams of six company departments (Accounting, Legal/Compliance, IT, Print, Mail and a Command Center) and helped them see the complexities of deploying a print-to-mail disaster recovery plan amid the stress and confusion of a natural disaster.

The main goal of our session was to teach each attendee something new. Depending on his or her background and experience, this could be as minor as knowing the financial of impact of mailing your critical documents at Standard First Class rates vs. Pre-Sort First Class rates – to understanding the complexities and level of pre-planning needed to accomplish the print and mail production at a back-up recovery facility.

We received nothing but positive feedback from participants.  Whether we discussed the session immediately after, or talked to attendees throughout the rest of the conference, each person really enjoyed the interactive format of the session, had fun, and most importantly, learned something they didn’t know before.

The rest of our time at the event was spent at our booth speaking with attendees. Many of them indicated they were not as familiar with the specifics of their company’s print and mail production. They were eager to review their plans to see if their print and mail recovery strategies were sound, or if they need to be enhanced with a recovery solution like Mail-Gard offers.

It was rewarding to see disaster recovery planning, particularly the print and mailing of critical communications, moving to the forefront of many peoples’ priority list. We enjoyed our time at both events and plan to return to both of them next year. In the meantime, if you have any questions about business continuity or disaster recovery, please feel free to contact us.

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Jerry Montella


Jerry Montella

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