The Magic Behind Our Marketing Services – Using the Third Brain

If you’ve been following our blog or participated in an IWCO Direct presentation in recent months, you’ve likely heard us touch on our Marketing Services offering and our ability to power clients’ direct mail programs to new heights.

So what exactly do we mean by Marketing Services?  Good question. In short, we’ve developed a process to leverage the powerful combination of data and strategy to optimize the creative execution of our customers’ direct mail campaigns. Backed by informed marketing strategies, sophisticated database marketing and proven testing methodologies, Marketing Services is designed to achieve the next level of performance and boost ROI for our customers.

To accomplish this, we have divided Marketing Services into two categories: Marketing Strategy and Marketing Execution. It might be easiest to think of Marketing Strategy as the right brain and Marketing Execution as the left brain of direct mail. Our magic is acting as the “third brain” that combines both sides and thinks in the middle.

The strategy includes development of the offer, segmentation and testing methodology, channel selection and cadence of communication by channel, and research. Execution is focused on copy and creative elements, versions, predictive modeling, production management, and results analysis.

A lot of thought and planning backs our Marketing Services offering. Fortunately, it’s seamless for our customers. We analyze all pertinent information to inform the strategy, creative execution and production of their campaigns. The end result is increased response rates, a higher return on marketing investment (ROMI) and greater visibility for direct mail’s powerful contribution in an effective marketing mix.

If you would like to discuss our Marketing Services offering in greater detail, please feel free to send me a note.

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Mike Ertel
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Stout. Bringing the “it’s the people that make us great” philosophy to IWCO Direct since 2002. Loves Father’s Day, spending time with family and cheering for the Green Bay Packers.

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