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The Super Bowl Commercials We Loved and Why

Debora Haskel

Although we specialize in direct mail, it’s important to keep our finger on the pulse of the greater marketing landscape. Of course, there’s no better venue for seeing what’s trending in the realm of broadcast advertising than the Super Bowl. Shortly after the big game Mike Ertel, Mike Dietz and I huddled to review which ads we thought hit hard like a middle linebacker and why we liked them best.

The Shack is Back?

Mike & Mike’s favorite commercial was RadioShack’s because it took their biggest business challenge (social perception of the brand) head-on. From a creative perspective, Mike Dietz appreciated that it contained a simple concept with a clear take away. If you missed it, RadioShack used iconic characters from the ’80s to draw us back in time to when RadioShack was king. Despite the boom boxes and cassette players, the message was clear ­– RadioShack is transforming its business to meet market expectations. This was the “yes, we finally get it!” moment.

RadioShack used creativity and cinematography as the vehicles to spur emotion. In this case, Mike Ertel said he has gone from chuckling under his breath every time he walked past a RadioShack store (wondering when the demise would come) to laughing “with the company” in acknowledgement of what needs to change. He may not run out to find the closest store, but he will definitely check one out next time he goes by. It’s like getting someone to open that envelope. They just need to get you inside!

Budweiser Aims for Emotion

My favorite commercial was the Budweiser “Puppy Love” ad. It was one of the few commercials that seemed like what I’ve come to expect during the Super Bowl. It tugged at my heart and made me smile. My favorite commercial that did not have a dog was also the RadioShack spot. It did a wonderful job of poking fun at their reputation while making me think I should venture in the next time I’m in the shopping center. However, if they ask me if I need batteries, I will turn on my heel and never return.

Could Direct Mail Be Integrated for Further Success?

The unique value of direct mail is its ability to target the recipient. Super Bowl commercials and traditional broadcast ads overreach. We realize it’s a stretch to combine the two, especially since we have evidence that what works wonderfully in a television commercial often does not translate to direct mail. Still, we believe RadioShack has a huge opportunity to capitalize on their brand awareness commercial and drive store traffic through a targeted direct mail campaign (hopefully they thought of this in advance and have it in the mail). Heck… they even had Cliff Clavin (postal worker) from Cheers in the commercial… it’s a sign! Assuming there will be a gradual rollout of store renovations, using Every Door Direct Mail to invite customers who live near a remodeled store to come experience the new RadioShack could be a very effective strategy. We have several ideas on how to capitalize on their Super Bowl spend, and deliver strong ROI through direct mail. So RadioShack, if you’re reading this, give us a call.

That’s our take. We’re curious what your favorite commercial was and why? If you missed any of them during the big game, here’s a link to all the Super Bowl commercials, organized by the quarter in which they aired.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2014/02/07/favorite-super-bowl-commercials/
Debora Haskel


Debora Haskel

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