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One of the biggest challenges for any marketing professional is getting people to remember their brand and their offer. How many times have you, or someone you know, described a TV commercial in great detail only to be unable to recall the featured brand or product? Increasing evidence is showing that if you want people to remember you, using paper-based marketing is your best bet.

Two Sides recently called attention to a feature article in the November issue of Scientific American, entitled, “The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: Why Paper Still Beats Screen.” Although the article focused primarily on the difference between books and digital devices, it cited numerous studies over the past few decades that indicate people typically understand and remember information they read on paper better than what they have read on a screen. Studies have looked into the reasons why – with theories ranging from the stress and fatigue of reading from digital screens, to the differences between how our brains process information coming from pixels versus ink, to the role the tactile nature of paper plays in how we consume information.

Regardless of the reasons why, it’s critical to understand how the media you choose for your cross-channel campaigns can impact comprehension, recall and the overall success of your marketing efforts. If you want people to understand your offer and remember your brand, it’s important that paper-based marketing is a strong component of your cross-channel marketing mix.

– Debora Haskel

P.S. I read my first draft of this blog on screen but printed a copy to proof it. Sure enough, I missed two edits on screen that I immediately saw on paper.

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