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Why Electronic Postmarked Email Guarantees Verification, Storage and Security

Jerry Montella

One of the major highlights from Mail-Gard®’s trip to Orlando for DRJ Spring World 2013 was the growing interest in Electronic Postmarked Email (EPM), the patented service offered in partnership with Trustifi. In our recap of the show, we introduced the product, but we wanted to dive deeper and explain why we’ve partnered with Trustifi to offer this exciting new service and why several of our key customers are using it to assist with their digital mail strategy.

What is Electronic Postmarked Email?

Electronic Postmarked Email is a delivery service that provides legal proof that your communication was sent. It time dates and stamps all email recipients and content while storing the email and content on the cloud for easy retrieval (for up to 7 years). EPM can be used any time businesses want to deliver critical communications to stakeholders or customers in a digital format and ensure that the message was received. The first option people often think of for using EPM is to use it in place of USPS Certified Mail. EPM provides the same assurance of delivery, only for electronic messages, providing tamper-proof “chain of evidence” with a third party confirmation that your communication was received.

Think of it this way: You could pay someone off the street to deliver a piece of mail for you, and that person could tell you, “Yes, I delivered it,” but it’s really his or her word. With EPM, much like USPS Certified Mail, you are using a third party that verifies the message was delivered. That’s what differentiates Trustifi’s EPM from homegrown systems. The validity of the delivery has been confirmed in several courts to be consistent with USPS Certified Mail.

But not all documents are sent using Certified Mail, and EPM certainly goes beyond that comparison.  Financial documents, insurance documents, critical notices to customers – all can benefit from sending via EPM. Reduced costs, accurate delivery time frames and secure email storage and retrieval are just a few of the many benefits Electronic Postmarked email provides, not to mention verification of delivery.

Why is it important?

A recent article from The Wall Street Journal highlights the need for a secure email service like EPM. It’s a high-profile example, but the consequences of an ineffective email delivery and storage system can be devastating. LPL Financial Holdings Inc. was recently fined $9 million for failing to track, review and archive millions of emails. More industries will likely be required to have email verification services in the future.

How does it work?

Once a Trustifi account is established (either company-wide or on an individual basis), email “credits” are assigned to the account. Then the user simply copies an @trustifi.com address in the email. For example, if I wanted to send a tradeshow promotion email on behalf of Mail-Gard, I would copy something like mailgard.tradeshow@trustifi.com. After sending the email, it would be stored by Trustifi and accessed from a dashboard under the “Mail-Gard” category and “Tradeshow” subcategory. The number of subcategories is infinite. The service is extremely simple to use and no downloads, hardware or plug-ins are required.  You can use it on any Internet-enabled device.

Click here for an Electronic Postmarked Email example.

It’s an exciting new world of digital solutions with Trustifi’s Electronic Postmarked Email and other digital solutions (digital mail box, e-statement payment programs, etc.). Mail-Gard is dedicated to serving our customers’ growing needs as they map their way through the digital world. If you’d like to learn more about Electronic Postmarked Email, or have general questions surrounding your business continuity and disaster recovery goals, please drop me a line.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2013/06/14/trustifi-secure-email-service/
Jerry Montella


Jerry Montella

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