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Three Direct Mail Trends in the Telecommunications Industry

Michelle Peel

The telecommunications industry is growing. Significant investments were made to install the most efficient communications networks worldwide resulting in unprecedented growth of high-speed mobile Internet traffic. Consumers are seeing an increase in the amount of telecommunications industry mail in their mailboxes, too.

In fact, a recent article from Zacks Equity Research identified the telecommunications industry as a major driver of global economic recovery. And its direct mail volumes followed suit. According to Comperemedia, the telecommunications industry accounted for 16% (or 3 billion pieces) of the total direct mail volume in 2012. That’s an 11% increase compared to the previous year. Comperemedia also reported the top mailers during the first quarter of 2013 were multiple system operators (MSOs) like CenturyLink and Comcast; satellite TV providers DirecTV and Dish; and wireline suppliers AT&T and Verizon.

That kind of competition makes The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor or your favorite reality show look like child’s play. If you’re a telecommunications marketer, your direct mail needs to standout, not get tuned out. Here are the HOT trends in direct mail campaigns within the telecommunications industry – aimed at getting more subscribers:


Affix a “Free equipment” or “$250 pre-paid” card with your phone number as a call to action. To increase gross response rate (GRR) and ROI, personalize the card specifically to the intended prospect so they feel a special offer is in hand.


Price is a huge consideration for most consumers. Include a price point guarantee with an incentive to switch providers. People need a reason to change things up. Service is also a major selling point. Highlight your focus on customer satisfaction with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Placing these guarantees as teaser copy on the outer envelope will help to increase open rates.

Competitive Price Matching

DirecTV was the most frequently named competitor in TV and bundle offers. MSOs often position service features and content as a challenge that satellite providers can’t match. Engage in cross-channel marketing by directing the customer to your call center or website to see the difference in your bundles, product quality or customer service for themselves.

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Michelle Peel


Michelle Peel

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