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Make Sure Your Direct Mail Offers Don’t Make Prospects Feel Foolish

Mike Dietz

While we hope you didn’t fall for any April Fools’ jokes on Monday, this annual day of pranks got us thinking about the best ways to drive response to your direct mail offers that don’t make customers and prospects feel frustrated and downright foolish. Responding to your offer should be clear, simple and easy. With that in mind, consider these simple tips to make sure nobody feels like the butt of a bad joke when acting on your direct mail offers:

  1. Make responding easy. Make sure your mail package clearly identifies how the recipient can respond. Whether your design features a QR code, PURL, 800-number or the old reliable reply envelope, be sure the response channel(s) stand out and are easy to use.
  2. Use a deadline to create urgency. Don’t make it easy for recipients to set the offer aside or they’re likely to forget about it until it’s too late.
  3. Make landing pages user-friendly. QR codes must drive users to a landing page that’s specific to your offer and optimized for mobile traffic. Recipients will be left unimpressed and frustrated if they’re taken to a site that isn’t specific to the mail piece. They’ll be even less impressed and more frustrated by being forced to zoom in and out of text because your content isn’t designed for mobile devices.
  4. Use data to simplify responding. Typos can cause delays. Be sure to pre-populate the recipient’s landing page with as much information as possible.  You have most of the necessary data – use it. Requiring recipients to provide information you should already know can irritate them, or worse yet, delay your ability to follow through because they made a typo when filling in their mailing address, phone number or email.

These simple tips will help you design direct mail offers that drive action and response instead of confusion and disregard. Perhaps more importantly, they’ll keep your customers and prospects from feeling foolish when they try to respond to your direct mail offers.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2013/04/03/direct-mail-offers/
Mike Dietz


Mike Dietz

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