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Print-to-Mail Recovery Plans Need Security Compliance

Jerry Montella

The importance of having a plan in place to respond to a data security breach can’t be overstated. The need for well-defined response plans has been reinforced over the past six months as millions of dollars in fines were levied to companies who failed to protect sensitive patient data under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). While the response to a security breach was not the issue here, these fines shed light on regulations that, when enforced, hit companies where it hurts the most – their bottom line.

Faster Response for Data Security Breach Notification

Not only are companies who hold sensitive information under fire for failing to protect patient and customer data, they’re being required to respond faster by providing disclosure as quickly as possible. These state-mandated notification timeframe requirements can be hard to track and change frequently.  Just last week (January 11, 2013) Texas amended their data breach notification laws to include faster response time and fines for failure to comply with the new notification requirements.

Requirements Extend to Vendors

How does your print-to-mail recovery plan stack up to security procedures required for HIPAA or other compliance standards? While security requirements and questionnaires are part of every IT continuity plan, they should be part of your print-to-mail recovery plan too. The fines and failures noted above for not protecting sensitive customer/patient data can be levied against you if your recovery vendor does not have the right security safeguards in place.

Any data that’s transmitted, printed, inserted or mailed by your print-to-mail recovery vendor is subject to the same high-level security standards that are in place at your own production facility. Critical communications, including personal information, must be handled with care no matter what industry you’re in and who is producing your documents. Make sure your vendor has the compliance measures you need. Mail-Gard®’s internal security standards, HIPAA and GLB compliance along with our PCI Certification show you we mean business when it comes to security.

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Jerry Montella


Jerry Montella

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