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Getting the Right Print-to-Mail Disaster Recovery Contract in Place

Jerry Montella

Having the right disaster recovery contract in place is essential to the success of your business continuity plan. How do you know you have the right contract in place? Well, the sure fire test is to actually have to utilize your print-to-mail recovery plan, and you’ll find out very quickly, where you stand.

Through our 16 years in the recovery business we have supported declarations for customers both large and small, with recovery plans that were complete, and some not as well structured. Basing your recovery plan on only your first tier mission critical documents may be a cost-saving strategy, but it may cost you more in the long run if and when a disaster strikes your print-to-mail production facility. Of the more than fourteen disasters we have supported, more than 60% of our customers were under-contracted in terms of print and insert volume and/or specific application requirements.

What happens when a customer is undersubscribed?

The answer is almost always chaos. From the client side, determining what jobs are a priority vs. what has been contracted is a headache no one needs when they are in the midst of an already chaotic situation. From the service provider point of view, it’s a juggling act trying to include additional, unplanned volumes and understand new, untested applications. Additionally, when certain jobs are not planned for material requirements, data and resources issues may cause more delays if not readily available.

Will your recovery vendor have the capacity to assist with additional volumes or applications?

In a disaster, we have always been able to provide the extra support our customers needed, when they needed it. But consider what would happen if your recovery vendor does not have the capacity to handle your additional, unplanned requirements. How would your business be affected in terms of cash flow, customer retention, customer acquisition, customer service, and marketing? We have not had one supported disaster where business departments, not originally thought to have a print or insert requirements, suddenly had a special request for critical document production.

Testing is Key

If you haven’t tested your applications at the recovery vendor you cannot be 100% sure that they can be printed to your exact specifications. Testing ensures all data resources are in place for the exact duplication of your print environment. The number one reason for test failure is missing resources. Making sure you have all of the components in place for successful testing and recovery is essential.

If you haven’t reviewed your print-to-mail recovery plans lately, maybe it’s time to take a look and make sure you have all of your critical communication requirements covered. Adding a little extra coverage makes business sense, and we promise it will save you some headaches down the road.

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Jerry Montella


Jerry Montella

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