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Super Bowl Lessons for Winning Direct Mail

Mike Ertel

According to recent reports, more than 111 million households tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLVI ten days ago. While millions of fans aren’t watching our every move, there are definitely parallels that can be drawn between winning football teams and winning direct mail campaigns:

Communication is Key to Efficient Production

Football, perhaps more than any other sport, requires intricate communication to ensure all 11 players are working as one. And an audible can be called at any time, requiring everyone to know each other’s roles and responsibilities to prevent a breakdown. Much like an offensive coordinator and quarterback, clients and production partners need to be in constant communication so all team members are on the same page when it comes to priorities, deadlines and expectations. The reality is, no matter how much effort goes into avoiding last minute changes, they do happen. When an audible needs to be called, winning teams have processes in place so everyone is notified and can make the necessary adjustments at a moment’s notice.

Balance is Important

The Giants’ offense had a balanced attack, with more than 100 yards rushing, nearly 300 yards passing and strong contributions from its special teams. In the direct marketing game, it’s clear you need a multichannel approach that doesn’t rely solely on one channel to achieve your customer acquisition, loyalty or engagement goals. When used strategically, direct mail can be the MVP, or simply a valuable contributor to a winning direct marketing campaign.

Don’t Mess with Success

In many ways, the Giants’ formula for success was incredibly similar to their Super Bowl run four years ago. They got hot at the right time and relied on a strong defense and solid quarterback play to win a championship. In marketing it’s easy to fall into the trap of constantly wanting to do something new and different. But if a past direct mail campaign was particularly successful, analyze what elements made it such a success and try to determine if they can be applied again. Perhaps a specific package size, a unique die cut window, an intriguing opening device, or specific audience segmentation will put you on top again.

These are just a few lessons that can be learned from the Super Bowl. Now that the big game is over and all attention turns to draft season, be sure you select the right players to make your next direct marketing campaign a success.

-Mike Ertel

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Mike Ertel


Mike Ertel

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