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Print-to-Mail Recovery – It’s Not Just for Disasters Anymore

Jerry Montella

Natural disasters are all over the news these days, so when people hear the words Disaster Recovery, it’s these type of events most people think of first. But in the print and mail recovery industry it’s also the man-made catastrophes that cause our customers to call on us for assistance. We like to call it Operational Recovery. That’s the added benefit of having a continuity and recovery plan with Mail-Gard – being able to utilize our recovery facility for any reason, at any time.

What is the difference between Disaster Recovery and Operational Recovery? Timing! A disaster recovery event is just that – a disaster.  You need your critical documents (statements, invoices, checks) printed now. Your systems are down, your service level commitments are in jeopardy, and you must keep your business up and running.

Operational Recovery is a planned event. You’re scheduling an overhaul to your print and insert systems, and while delivery, installation and testing of the new equipment may take weeks, you have the ability to utilize (and test) the print and mail recovery operations at Mail-Gard. Peak production spikes are another major reason for an Operational Recovery event. You can control spikes in your production by utilizing Mail-Gard facilities instead of having to purchase additional equipment. One time mailings that would wreak havoc on your daily production schedule can be also produced at our recovery facility.

Diminished resources are a third type of Operational Recovery event. With reductions in staff and facilities, print and mail operations are running tighter than ever. There is no margin for downtime. Having a partner that can help with the pressure of an additional mailing, staffing or equipment issue gives our customers peace of mind.

Being available for our customers is our number one priority. They know they can count on us at anytime. A print-to-mail recovery plan with Mail-Gard is not an insurance policy that sits on the shelf collecting dust. Using your continuity and recovery plan for operational events turns that expense into an asset. It’s just smart business.

– Jerry Montella


link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2011/06/01/print-to-mail-recovery-its-not-just-for-disasters-anymore/
Jerry Montella


Jerry Montella

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