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Acquiring Customers Using PURLs

Debora Haskel

IWCO Direct began offering Personalized URLs in 2007, and we see many benefits to using PURLs for direct mail campaigns, particularly those focused on customer acquisition. Here is a brief overview of PURLs and how they may help your next campaign:

What are PURLs?

PURLs are unique URLs that provide each mail recipient with a personalized landing page customized to what is known about the prospect. The landing page is usually tailored to pick-up the message threads and creative themes from the direct mail campaign. They support more precise measurement of open rates and ROI because the online experience relates directly to the mailpiece.

How are PURLs created?
Often times the PURL is an extension of a URL the direct marketer already owns. We can simply add the first and last name to complete the generation, for example, the PURL may be www.customersite.com/joejones. However, only using first and last name may generate some duplicate URLs. To overcome this, different rules for duplication handling can be applied. This often includes using the middle initial for duplicates or utilizing a sequence number following first and last name.

Because it is known who the responder is, information fields can be pre-filled so the responder only needs to edit/update information. Since it is also possible to capture the fact that a given individual has responded and the extent of the response (did that person complete a transaction?), the additional data captured about the individual can be used in refining future contacts.

Why use them?

Nearly half of direct mail recipients say they prefer to respond online. You don’t want your prospect to work any harder than necessary to respond to your offer and PURLs provide a convenient way for recipients to continue their direct mail experience online.

If you’re looking for a way to boost response and better measure ROI, consider incorporating PURLs into your next direct mail campaign.

– Debora Haskel


link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2011/05/25/acquiring-customers-using-purls/
Debora Haskel


Debora Haskel

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