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IWCO Direct’s Data Security Process

Chris Van Houtte

In the past few months, data security breaches have appeared in the headlines once again. The recent data breaches at Epsilon, Sony and RSA have prompted numerous inquiries as to how IWCO Direct protects customer data.

Security plays an important role at IWCO Direct as part of our ongoing efforts to create better services and a complete offering for our customers. We believe security is a process, not a product – and technical controls alone are not enough to provide the security that our customers expect. IWCO Direct takes a true risk-based approach to securing customer data throughout our workflow by evaluating end-to-end controls to minimize risk.

As the first step, we analyze the scope of customer relationships relative to our services to validate that we only receive data relevant to the services we are providing. This includes identifying and eliminating any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that is not essential for the work we provide. While this step takes time, we encourage all of our customers to evaluate and trim data they send outside of their organizations. This can eliminate downstream risks and avoid future complexity.

Second, we provide multiple technical controls to protect information during processing. These begin with multiple methods of encryption to provide protection to data in transit and data at rest and continues through updated and monitored infrastructure controls. We educate our staff about the importance of security and privacy and train them to maintain controls in accordance with our policies and standards.

Finally, one of our most important controls is the purging of customer data that has passed its useful life. Organizations often assign great value to data and are reluctant to delete information for fear that they may need it some time in the future. We believe this approach creates unnecessary risk. IWCO Direct continuously purges customer data after services have been completed to minimize the potential risk to our customers.

Security is an evolving practice requiring ongoing assessment and staff training. However, IWCO Direct believes the effort to eliminate risk and to provide appropriate data security is truly worth the reward of building trust to create long-term business relationships.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2011/05/18/iwco-directs-data-security-process/
Chris Van Houtte


Chris Van Houtte

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