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New Postmaster General Makes Strong Start

Kurt Ruppel

In December we noted that new Postmaster General Pat Donahoe was facing significant challenges.

We are encouraged by how quickly he has moved to address those challenges and move toward his goal of a leaner, faster, smarter Postal Service.

Mr. Donahoe has already made significant changes to the USPS headquarters organization, grouping functions in a more logical fashion and placing proven leaders in charge of key initiatives. In addition, he has merged two area offices and started the process of streamlining the District structure. This leaner, flatter structure is a step in the right direction.

The Postal Service’s new approach to Intelligent Mail, recognizing that cooperation and collaboration will bring greater gains than mandates, is refreshing. IWCO Direct continues to believe that Intelligent Mail provides exciting new tools that allow service providers to add value to the mailstream. This is the right path to get there.

We offer our ongoing support as Mr. Donahoe continues to work with Congress and the Obama administration to achieve a resolution to pension overpayments and retiree health benefit funding that is fair to rate-payers and ensures financial stability for the Postal Service.

In his short time as PMG, Mr. Donahoe has shown that he has a vision for a Postal Service that will be successful long into the 21st century and a willingness to make the hard decisions to achieve that vision. With the support of the mailing community, we believe together we can build a stronger Postal Service in the years to come. We look forward to being part of that.

To learn more about the issues facing the postal community, be sure read our Postal Issues Update, available here.

– Kurt Ruppel
Marketing Services Manager

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2011/02/02/new-postmaster-general-makes-strong-start/
Kurt Ruppel


Kurt Ruppel

Kurt Ruppel is Director Postal Policy and Marketing Communications. He educates clients on postal regulations and rates, helps ensure mail packages meet spec, and develops postal strategies that achieve in-home delivery targets at the best possible postage rates. Kurt has brought the “all of us know more than any of us” business philosophy to IWCO Direct for more than 30 years (oy!). He is a three-time IWCO Direct President’s Award winner, Chairman of the EMA Board of Directors, graduate of Utah State University, gardening enthusiast, and Ohio State Buckeye Football fan.

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